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4th February 2010
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What type of wood flooring do I need?


There are a couple of main types of wood – solid and engineered and then there are laminates which are wood effect.


Here are a few pointers that might help you choose:


·        darker colours show more marks

·        the more graining the less marks will show

·        woods being natural, you may find colour varies & will not be perfect match to the sample, choose laminate if you want more even look

·        sun will bleach natural wood

·        expansion gaps are always needed around the edge of between 10-15 mm, they can be covered with a beading but if you don’t want this consider wood effect vinyl tiles

·        consider the amount of wear it will get - woods do scratch. Are you prepared to restore it? Laminates don’t require this.

·        think of a wood floor like your furniture, they can scratch. Would you walk across your dining room table in shoes? A matwell can help reduce this.

·        depth – most woods are 1.5 cm – 2 cm deep, laminates usually 8-9mm. How will your thresholds look & will doors go over it

·        when buying a wood you may need more than you think, if you get a knot in the wrong place etc you will need to cut or move a plank, 5% wastage is normal. Laminate has a photographic image of the wood so it does not have this weakness

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