Common Problems With Carpets
21st February 2010
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Common problems with carpets & marks

Charles Wilson Carpets in Hitchin gives some handy advice 

Draught Marking

Does your carpet have dust marks around the edge or in lines? This is called draught marking or fogging and is caused by the dust being filtered out by the carpet fibres as air is blown under skirting boards, floorboards or doors, or from ducts. If these gaps aren’t filled it will nearly always keep happening even if you change your carpet. An easy solution is to fill the gaps under skirting, mastic is often a good solution and get your retailer to use paper felt to cover the floorboards if you have a new carpet.


Shading, is the effect whereby areas of velour or velvet carpet appear to become lighter or darker in colour than the surrounding area. It is an optical effect, brought about by localised changes in the direction the pile lays and made visible by the way light is reflected off the carpet surface. It is caused by compression where you walk most or unevenness in the floor. It is NOT a carpet defect. Loop pile carpets are not affected by this.

Pile Reversal

It is a little like shading but a definite direction change can happen in the pile, giving the lighter or darker area. Unlike shading it is not removed when vacuumed or the compressed pile lifted. No one knows the causes of this, it may be atmospheric/environmental conditions in the room and is a natural problem. As it cannot be predicted very few manufacturers will guarantee against this and it is not considered a defect.


Occasionally tufts may appear above the surface of the carpet. Do NOT pull them out, but cut them level with the surrounding tufts with small scissors. If it is a new carpet then ask your retailer to do this, so as not to affect guarantee.

Colour Change

The carpet may change colour over time for a variety of reasons, usually due to pile flattening, gradual soiling and slight fading of the dyes used to colour the fibres. A good professional cleaning can sometimes help restore the carpet's appearance if it is a dirt related problem.

Fibre Loss

Many newly installed cut pile carpets tend to lose fibre during the first few weeks on the floor. This effect, called shedding or fluffing, is caused by the way the yarn is spun and the carpet is made. It is no reason for alarm, but a natural phenomenon, which will stop eventually. Keep vacuuming regularly to help remove the fluff.

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