Mothers Day - what to get or where to go?!
8th March 2010
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Eek, it's only 7 days until Mothers Day!  Everyone will be going mad rushing around trying to think about what to get your mum to show her how much you appreciate her so I thought I would give you a few ideas on where you can go and what to buy in and around Hitchin.

Does anyone know which is the busiest day of the year in terms of mothers day or fathers day?  Do blokes actually buy anything for their dads whereas they would for mum?  It would be interesting to hear from retailers as to what sorts of things get bought for dad.

Well, mum is easy, there are lots of things to do or buy to show your mum how much you care.  Here is just a few ideas:-

Us mums like to have a momento of the family so why not have a family photo taken?  Both Belle Momenti and Photography by Tina can fix you up before the big day.  You can always choose to have your photo printed onto a t-shirt, mouse mat, mug or canvass at Smart Cartridge in Hermitage Road.

Of course flowers are a favourite and our florists can make you up a beautiful display.  You can buy some wonderful gifts at Etcetera (they have 30% off diffusers at the moment) and our jewellers can offer an amazing range of jewellery for that special gift you are looking for.

Why not book your mum a trip out?  Lots of day trips or theatre trips available at Britannia Coaches (I've booked to go and see the Lion King).

Pampering - we all love it.  And we have a variety of places you can go to relax and de-stress and smooth away our worries (and wrinkles!)  Depending on what takes your fancy, you can choose from a large resort like Champneys at Henlow, Sante and Pebble and Graham Ranger Salons and the tranquil home treatments from Faith at The Oasis.

If mum likes making things (who has got time I hear you cry) then you could always buy a cookery lesson from Campbell & Toft in Letchworth or a multitude of knitting, scrap-booking and card making from both Tim's Art Supplies and Penco.

And of course, if that wasn't enough, DON'T MAKE MUM COOK ON SUNDAY!  Take her out for lunch.  All of our restaurants and pubs are offering great meals on Sunday but you will need to book in order not to miss out!  Don't leave it till the last minute.

So what am I expecting on Mothers Day?  Well I will pop up to the churchyard to pay my respects to my mum, probably enroute to the Rugby club where I will stand outside in the cold watching my son training.  Then I'm hoping that Sunday lunch will be cooking when I get home, log fire and a walk with hubbie and the kids - that's what's it all about for me - a bit of quality time with my family, you can't beat it.

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