And Our Survey Says ....
15th February 2011
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I was at a Women In Business Networking Meeting in Hitchin last month and something one of the business ladies said really stuck in my memory.  It was Helen Wilson from Charles Wilson Carpets in Hermitage Road, Hitchin.  They had recently commission a customer satisfaction survey of clients which revealed out of 110 customers that replied 100 % would "definitely" recommend Charles Wilson Carpets to others. 


I remember thinging 'wow' that's amazing and a fantastic Unique Selling Point.


The average score out of 5 for things like price, shop service and fitting service was 4.6 out of 5 which again is a brilliant message to be able to give to people.  And although I have not yet had the need to buy any carpets or flooring for my house, I can honestly say that Helen, Adam and Mark Wilson and the team that make up Charles Wilson Carpets are one of our most valued members of the bestof hitchin.  They are genuine, it really matters to them what their customers think of them and the service they provide and they are true advocates of supporting local businesses.  They recommend and use local businesses whenever they can.


If you are looking for new flooring for office or home, you really must go and see Charles Wilson Carpets!  Don't just take my word for it, look at the testimonials that have been left for them.


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