Learning to Drive - a Rite of Passage
16th August 2011
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Learning to drive is something that most 16-17 year olds dream of - a rite of passage for many in our modern society, like being eligible to vote, or being old enough to drink. These last two, however, do not rely on others to teach us how to do them. 

Being able to get behind the wheel of a one tonne vehicle and steer it on busy roads and through crowded streets is a huge responsibility not to be taken lightly, but how many of us really think about who we choose to teach our children this vital life skill?

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of driving instructors out there, added to the myriad of well meaning family members and friends who offer to teach us, so making the choice can be very confusing.

Whilst having a family member or friend to help can save significant amounts of money, it can also be a source of many problems. Unless they happen to be qualified instructors, family members rarely have the knowledge and experience to really ensure that all aspects of driving are covered and that the student learns in the most effective and safe way.

It makes sense therefore, always to use a fully qualified and experienced driving instructor. In fact, the Directgov website states that “Nine out of ten learners who passed the practical test on their first attempt were taught by an ADI rather than a friend or relative”.

To become qualified, instructors must pass three rigorous examinations and undergo a continuous process of monitoring to ensure that they are always up to the required standard.  They will make sure that students are learning to drive safely and properly, in a controlled environment and will give their students the best opportunity to pass their test when they become confident and competent to do so.

But choosing just any instructor isn’t necessarily the right way to go either.  Please remember that the cheapest is rarely the best. With learning to drive there are much more important factors than just the price.  It’s more important to make sure that your instructor is qualified and experienced, that you and your instructor can work well together, and that you feel confident in his or her ability and advice.

DirectGov recommends that to choose a driving instructor you should:
•    Use the 'find your nearest driving instructors' tool on Directgov to find fully qualified ADIs* in Heanor and Ripley
•    Ask your friends and relatives to recommend someone
•    Look online or in a local business directory

As word of mouth experts, thebestof network is an excellent source of reviews for all types of businesses, and driving instructors are high up in our ratings.  We go out of our way to collect and publish the views of real people who have used local businesses, and we personally check out every business we recommend.

Thebestof Heanor and Ripley are really pleased to recommend Richard Warner at Classic Driving School for his calm, professional and friendly approach, and his exceptional level of experience and ability as a driving instructor. Richard has fantastic pass rates, well above the national average for instructors, another indicator of just how good he is.  With Richard you have the added assurance of knowing that he is an Institute of Advanced Motorists Registered Instructor and a Pass Plus instructor too, and he offers refresher training as well for those who need a bit of help to get back behind the wheel.

But don’t just take our word for it - check out what his satisfied customers say about him here.

Whoever you choose to take you on this fantastic journey to added freedom and independence, choose wisely, stay safe and good luck!


*thebestof tip - also look for those that have signed up for Continuing Professional Development and Code of Practice.


Please remember to mention thebestof Heanor and Ripley when you contact Classic Driving School.

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