When do the clocks go back?
21st October 2015
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As of Sunday 25th October the UK summertime officially ends (I know, it’s depressing), the clocks go back and we revert to Greenwich Mean Time. As a result the mornings will start to get lighter earlier which is great for all you “morning people” however for the likes of us night owls the evenings will be darker earlier.


When do I need to turn my clock back?

The time will change at 2:00am on Sunday morning so don’t forget to change your clock back 1 hour when you wake up from your well-deserved extra hour in bed. Remember: “spring forward, fall back.”


What to do with my extra hour…

There are some great days out to be had in and around Haverhill this weekend. See our latest blog ‘What’s on in Haverhill and the surrounding area this weekend?’ and start planning your weekend now.

In the run up to Halloween, why not visit Scaresville the Haunted Village on Saturday evening? After spending the night laughing and screaming you will be in need of an extra hour in bed to catch up on your beauty sleep.

Alternatively, you could spend the extra hour enjoying a delicious Sunday Roast with your family thanks to the high quality meat, poultry and vegetables, which can be delivered free of charge, from Kedington Butchers. Choose from joints of beef, gammon and lamb or try something different as you have more time. Kedington Butchers can also supply you with the finest game, fish or a selection of sausages from their huge range of famous recipes.


Darker nights, dangerous driving

When the clocks go back on Sunday this means that the evenings will get getting darker and colder. Many of us will be driving to and from work in the dark so thebestof Haverhill has some top tips for staying safe and sound this winter:

Vehicle maintenance

Ensure that all of your lights are in perfect working order and keep them clean and undamaged. Also make sure your windscreen is clear inside and out and that your de-misters are functioning correctly.

Plan your route

Make sure you know exactly where you are going. This will allow you to know what to expect along the way and help you to avoid coming into preventable difficulties due to a sharp bend in the road that you didn’t know was there.

Get your eyes tested

We could give you endless tips for driving safely during the winter. However the reality is, all the advice in the world will not help you if your vision is causing you a problem whilst driving at night.

Getting your eyes tested could literally be a life saver as even minor problems with your vision can make driving in the dark difficult and dangerous. The distance we can see at night is considerably shorter than in the day, which means hazards seem to appear out on nowhere.

So before the dark nights really set in, visit Billson Opticians in Haverhill who offer a friendly and personal service. Let them take care of your eyesight and safety this winter. 

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