How can an Independent Financal Advisor help you?
21st March 2012
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Richard Woodwards, an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) with Foster Denovo Limited explains what the role of an IFA is.


“What I do is fairly simple.  You know how a lot of people get really confused and don’t understand pensions, protection or investments?

Well what I do is educate them to show how simple they can be.  However, as is usually the case life isn’t that straightforward and, of course, not everyone has the same needs.


For example employers who employ people over the age of 22 and who are paying income tax are just about to come up against the biggest change in pension legislation ever, with the introduction of the Pension Act 2008.  This also affects the employee as well.  By 2017 both the employer and the employee will need to be paying not insignificant amounts into a pension fund, so where is that money going to come from?  And maybe more importantly where is it going to go?


Also recently for those who are company directors, or have an employer/employee relationship with their firm and have life cover new tax efficient policies have been approved by HMRC.  Many life assurers have now launched policies that could see you save up to 50% on your premiums because these premiums, in most cases, are now allowable as a business expense and obtain tax relief.


The “how” is more complex, and to be honest, why you need to speak to me, because each of your solutions will be different.


As a colleague of mine, who deals with businesses on a daily basis, put it - times are tough, what we need to do is protect people’s businesses today so we can grow their wealth for tomorrow.”


What do Richard’s clients say about him?


“I am very pleased to be able to supply this testimonial for Richard Woodwards. Richard has been advising my wife and I on financial matters for the best part of 15 years.  In this time I have been very pleased with the advice and guidance he has offered.  He explains matters of a financial nature in a way that is easily understood.  Explaining and advising on the level of risk etc on any proposed investments.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to you as trustworthy and extremely competent in any financial advice offered.”

Geoff W



“I feel very confident that our funds are wisely invested.  One of our investments is giving unbelievable returns (over 30%). I know that I can plan my day around the appointment time as he is always on time. Regarding my investments, Richard makes ‘a difficult subject easy to understand’.”

Beryl C


Find out more about the financial services offered by Richard Woodwards from Foster Denovo or call Richard 07818 024 474.



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