Haverhill businesses and residents – Haverhill Rovers Football Club needs you!
25th November 2013
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How would you like to have a football club named after your business? With the wide range of sponsorship options currently available at Haverhill Rovers Football Club, this dream could become a reality!

For £4,000 per year, you will have Stadium Naming Rights, which means that you can call the New Croft venue anything you want (within reason of course!) And if naming the new stadium is a little out of your advertising budget, why not opt for Stand Sponsorship, which enables you to name your allocated stand for a very reasonable £1,000 per year?

In fact, with sponsorship options ranging from just £25 to the aforementioned £4,000, everyone can get involved, support their local football club and increase their business exposure, irrespective of how large, small or non-existent your marketing budget may be.

For example, you could choose to sponsor the first team home kit or a selected player for a season for £1,000. Sponsor a reserve team player or one of the under-18s for a full season for just £60.

Alternatively, how about a banner? A new banner in the football ground costs £350. Or of course, you could be a match sponsor for £50 or sponsor the matchball for just £25.

Or why not get involved in the matchday programme for the season, with prices ranging from £70 to £300?

In total there is £23,160 of sponsorship currently available at the Haverhill Rovers.

As Haverhill Rovers Chairman Ali Shulver explains, “This is a golden opportunity to advertise through the football club and a cheap form of advertising that would support the club immensely. 

“We are trying to progress and we have a fantastic new stadium and are trying to sell the naming rights to the ground. We’re trying to sell what we feel is quite an attractive sponsorship package.”

But why?

Why bother sponsoring Haverhill Rovers Football Club? What's in it for your business?

Well, firstly the Rovers have just applied for promotion to the Ryman League; the stadium is at a standard to progress through the league. A new, higher league means increased interest, increased coverage and increased promotion for both the Haverhill football club but also the business that support it.

Of course, it's not just the stadium that has to be up to scratch. This year, Haverhill Rovers' first team is strong and with the right support, has a good chance of promotion, which will bring a lot of big publicity to the club and its sponsors.

Plus there are the obvious local connections. Businesses that support their local community are perceived as caring more about the area in which they live, operate and sell. Therefore, not only will you increase your business exposure, but also your reputation as you become known as an enterprise that invests in your own community.

Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more but are unsure of how sponsoring a local football club can lead to increased sales for your business, please contact Ali Shulver on 07967 278071 or Football Development Officer Peter Betts on 07539 229114.

Please click here for more information about Haverhill Rovers Football Club.

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