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The Drill Squad has been the drilling company of choice for contractors and private clients in Guernsey over the past two decades, working on most major construction projects in the island, with state of the art equipment to tackle the most challenging of tasks.

The Drill Squad was purchased by Jonathan Travers in 2002. Since then it has evolved to become Guernsey's foremost drilling company of choice for building contractors and private clients alike, on enterprises of all sizes, including most of Guernsey's major construction projects. The Drill Squad has also undertaken major projects further afield, such as Nice, Cannes, Rennes, Perpignan and Paris.

Whether you are a major contractor, a large or small business owner, or a home owner in need of assistance, if you need a precision hole drilled or cut into any material then you should contact The Drill Squad as they will be able to assist you.

What We Drill

The Drill Squad can drill precision holes in a wide range of materials from concrete and asphalt/tarmac, to many types of stone and metal. The Drill Squad use diamond drills and non-percussive drilling techniques so that holes can be drilled in materials in situ without any damage to structural integrity.

Considerable investment has been made into modern equipment and the employees have a wide range of experience in the industry, such that the versatility and skill base of The Drill Squad is unmatched, and they have developed their own techniques as they strive for further innovation.

If you need a hole drilling, for any size project large or small, from an 8mm hole up to an 800mm sewer pipe. So if you need a precision hole drilled then contact the experts at The Drill Squad today.

Our Client List

The Drill Squad works with and for such major contractors and clients as RG Falla, Geomarine, Rihoys, Guernsey Electricity, Guernsey Water, Guernsey Gas, and the States of Guernsey.

Not Just Drilling

The Drill Squad has also branched out into diamond cutting as well and their new high tech Diamond Wire Saw has already assisted in the removal of bank vaults and German bunker walls in the island. They can cut through any depth/width of walls, floors or ceilings and through most building materials including Guernsey granite.

Clean, Fast, No Fuss

With their high tech range of dry cutting and self-cleaning equipment The Drill Squad have drilled and cut holes in the tidiest of homes and not left a mess behind them. All of their operators are fully trained to operate in confined spaces to the highest of health and safety requirements, and are fully risk assessment trained to spot potential issues before the job commences.

As a result you can hire The Drill Squad with full confidence to work on your home or business and perform any job you may need. So if you have a need for precision drilling and cutting without causing undue fuss then contact The Drill Squad, as their impressive track record speaks for itself.

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