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    Channel Islands are a Guernsey company who are the local experts in regular deep cleaning services, using the latest in electrostatic disinfecting technology to protect your premises and staff from 99.99% of viruses and bacteria (including COVID-19).

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought home to all of us the invisible dangers of the germs in our environment that can have such a terrible impact upon our lives and businesses.

At we lead the fightback against protecting premises, vehicles and people from 99.99% of all known bacteria, fungi and viruses, including COVID-19, using the very latest in electrostatic disinfecting technology.

Infection Control

Electrostatic disinfecting technology turns our cleaning agent into a disinfecting mist that can reach even the hardest to reach nooks and crannies of any three dimensional surface, without our staff or equipment ever needing to touch any surface.

Our cleaning agent is eco-friendly, PH neutral, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-flammable, will not irritate skin, is safe to use in enclosed environments, and is completely food safe.

The cleaning agent we use at has been tested and proven effective at killing 99.99% of all known germs - enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, bacteria including bacterial spores, fungal infection - including several different strains of coronavirus, including SARS-associated coronavirus, human coronavirus (VR-740) and canine coronavirus (VR-809).

Our cleaning agent can therefore be used to treat absolutely any surface and effectively clean it of the germs that could harm you, your family, customers and staff, helping to prevent future disease outbreaks.

What Can We Protect?


Absolutely anything.

Any premises, surface, or piece of equipment This includes high traffic public areas. The locations and items we can protect include:

Business Premises: Offices; Restaurants; Hotels; Bars; Retail Outlets; Public/Communal Areas; Schools; Playgroups; Community Centres; Gyms & Fitness Centres; Leisure & Sports Centres & Clubs; Changing Rooms; Toilet Facilities; Hospitals & Clinics; Dental Surgeries; Care Homes; Veterinary Offices; etc.

Homes: Houses; Apartments; Rental Accommodation; Home Furnishings; Second-Hand Possessions; sanitising a new home before moving in; etc.

Vehicles & Equipment: Buses, Aircraft, Boats, Trains & other public or private transport vehicles; Service Vehicles including Ambulances; Stations/Terminals & all other transport hubs; Industrial Plant & Machinery; Workshops; ATMs & other regularly used service equipment; all types of medical equipment; etc.

Any location or item can be treated by our cleaning agent.

Why Use Our Services?

Our cleaning process is much more effective than thorough traditional hand cleaning, removing more germs, and is less labour intensive. This means that the cleaning can be done much faster and proves more cost effective at cleaning large spaces. The electrostatic process ensures that the cleaning agent will be evenly attracted to surfaces (so will not drip or moisten surfaces) and remains upon them longer, providing much wider and longer coverage than traditional cleaning - we will not miss any bits!

Our 28 day active disinfectant continues to kill germs for four weeks after the time of application. This eradicates most of the risk of surface transmission during that period.

As our cleaning process is completely touchless this removes all danger of germ transmission from cross-contamination by the cleaning equipment/staff (such as how a cleaning cloth or brush can simply push the germs around on a surface and carry some of them to other surfaces) as our electrostatic sprayer is never in contact with any of the surfaces it cleans. Also our staff wear sanitised personal protective equipment to ensure that we cannot bring germs into your workplace!

As our staff do not have to touch any surface to apply our cleaning agent, unlike manual cleaners, we will not be accidentally disturbing any of your sensitive equipment such as computer keyboards or other devices, and will not disturb/move furniture and other items in your workplace. Also we are happy to come in and clean outside of your regular working hours, ensuring zero disruption to your workplace. Your staff and customers will not even know we have been in!

Although if you wish us to be visible during working hours, to show the precautions you are taking against infection outbreaks, then that can also be arranged! Also we can provide a physical certification of our cleaning of your premises for you to display, if you wish.

To find out more about and the electrostatic disinfection technology we use please check out our website here: website

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Such a great way to completely disinfect all areas. Excellent work, many thanks.
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