Summer Hair Care Tips
7th June 2013
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Summer brings high temps, humidity, sun, salt, chlorine, travel – all to test the mettle of your hair care regime. So how can you keep your hair looking good through the summer?

- Start with a good base. Get a great cut that works naturally. Spend time working with your stylist to find the right style and cut for you for the summer season.

- Even if you are happy with your style make sure you get it trimmed regularly, preventing split ends. A trim every four to six weeks will maintain both your cut and the health of your hair.

- Limit the use of heat styling tools if possible, but if you do need them generously apply a heat protectant beforehand

- Review your everyday products, what you needed in winter will not be the same for summer. You'll need to consider leave-in conditioners, UV protection and frizz control. When you are in an out of the pool or sea a weekly deep conditioner may also be a useful addition.

- Finding just the right product to address your summer style will simplify your routines, leaving you more time to enjoy the summer.

The great Aveda Salon, Carley Hill Hair in Framlingham, offers fantastic stylists and the fabulous Aveda product range to help you be sure of your hair and you look and feel your best this summer.

They also have a great offer for new clients of 50% off your first cut and finish appointment. So what are you waiting for? Get that new look and hair care regime all sorted for summer.

Follow the link to Carley Hill Hair, read their great reviews and give them a call, you know your hair will thank you for it!

Yuo can also find out more about great Aveda summer hair care products here Living Aveda Summer Hair Blog to discuss with your stylist.

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