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Hart District Council and Hampshire Chamber of Commerce are hosting a Business Breakfast 'Meet the MP' event with guest speaker Ranil Jayawardena.
The HR Dept's Management Development programme was launched in 2015 and has enabled companies to make significant improvements in their business.
HR predictions for 2017
HR predictions for 2017
What are the key HR changes expected in 2017?
If you are self employed, a landlord or a business with a turnover over £10,000 a year HMRC’s proposed changes to the tax system will affect you.
Zero Hours Contracts have been potrayed as exploitation by some in the media but, if used responsibly, both employees and employers can benefit from such an arrangement. Here Karen Sanders from the HR Department, outsourced HR suppliers and HR consultants explains why.
This week I read a blog from Econsultancy about the importance of achieving the right tone of voice for your brand, and it started with the line 'The way a person speaks is one of the first things people notice'.
Get Organised for 2016
Get Organised for 2016
Let’s not call it a New Year’s Resolution; these are forgotten or reneged on by the end of January anyway. Let’s call it your Financial Headline To Do List for 2016 - not quite as catchy but sounds more important. Which it is.
Whether you’re using Twitter for business or personal use, growing your followers is fundamental to increasing your influence, generating interest and, perhaps ultimately, converting interest into sales.
As a small business, getting your message out to your customers and prospects is amazingly cost effective if you harness the power of social media. But it still takes time and commitment to post regular content.
We've all been there; looming deadlines, conflicting priorities, too much to do in too little time. But there are ways to get control back over your day and these are 4 that I've found work for me.
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