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If you have regrets and missed opportunities read this account from a Farnham Speakers Club member about how life has changed for the better.
If you are looking for fun ways to connect with your kids that doesn't involve electronics these no sew holiday crafts below might be all you need to get your kids to abandon their screens and have creative fun instead.
Here’s the programme of events, stalls and activities happening throughout the festival’s exciting afternoon.
Find fabulous events and kids holiday fun in Farnham
Get Your Dancing Shoes On For Hospice Care!
Take Up a Skydive Challenge!
Take Up a Skydive Challenge!
If you’re looking for a new way to get your adrenaline pumping, then look no further – sign up to a skydive challenge that will really give you a high!
Bourne Panto in Frensham raised over £20k for Phyllis Tuckwell
Birdworld is full of surprises – Can you pack it all into one day?
Farnham's local businesses have a wide variety of activities to keep children amused during the summer holidays.
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