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Struggling to find the ideal present for someone special? Freelance Soft Furnishings may have the solution.
Save up to half price on over 100 fabrics at Freelance Soft Furnishings.
Farnham’s Freelance Soft Furnishings showcase their wonderful Voyage range of fabric, wall art and home decorations.
This year big, bold and bright geometry, metallic, floral and tropical prints will be adorning walls. Freelance Soft Furnishings has picked a few of their favourite wall coverings to show off.
Improve your sleeping space with quick tips for a master bedroom makeover.
If you are looking for fun ways to connect with your kids that doesn't involve electronics these no sew holiday crafts below might be all you need to get your kids to abandon their screens and have creative fun instead.
If your living room could do with an update read on for some quick and simple tips that will provide a fresh new look provided by Freelance Soft Furnishings.
Farnham’s fabric store, Freelance, have collated their five favourite beach bag patterns, which you can download for free!
Farnham’s Freelance Soft Furnishings have shared some ideas to help you transform a tired folding chair in to something much more appealing.
April Gardening Gossip
April Gardening Gossip
An update from Farnham's gardening expert, John Negus, on what's new this month and jobs to tackle in your garden.
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