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The garden is not the only thing that’s growing, with all the seeds we have been sowing over the winter at BBX Devon is now coming to fruition as we have had a burst of new partners joining our community
Let’s forget all the craziness going on at the moment and celebrate that it is now officially Spring!...
Networking & BBX Devon
Networking & BBX Devon
BBX Devon have been busy at the Devon HQ welcoming new partners to the BBX community....
Whether you love it or hate it you can’t escape it!...
“Sparetember” with BBX
“Sparetember” with BBX
Inspired by positive responses to other month-long charity campaigns – Movember and Stoptober, BBXUK launched their take on a campaign to help the charities in the trading community for the month of September – Sparetember – bank of spare capacity – get it?!
With a change in Captain of the BBX Devon ship, work hasn’t stopped and a smooth take-over of the wheel has ensured that Jon & Debbie have been able to keep things running
BBX Devon has been growing and growing since starting up in May 2016 by Mandy Swift and Gerry Bolt, as of the 1st August 2019 they have now decided to move on to pastures new and have handed over the reins to the very capable Jon Iacomino in partnership with Debbie Tomlinson.
BBX – the bank of spare capacity – can help you build your business whatever it may be and in return you can spend within the community....
BBX South West gave a big warm welcome to three new vibrant businesses in June.
At BBX South West we are always looking for forward thinking business owners who are striving to run their business at full capacity, so if you aren’t and have spare capacity, we can help fill it.
At BBX South West we like to keep connected with our partners and keep our partners connected with each other too.
BBX South West are delighted to be sponsoring the Exmouth Business Awards (EBA) for 2018....
The South West BBX community is expanding all the time, and helping businesses connect, grow and become more resilient.
We are seeking an enthusiastic individual with an entrepreneurial and sales flair and ideally previous sales experience for a Trade Coordinator (TCO) role, to join the team and help us continue our rapid growth.
BBX South West traded over £1m through our Devon community last year....
The Venus Awards, dubbed the “working women’s Oscars” by Channel 4, are about recognising and celebrating entrepreneurial women....
BBX UK is a national organisation that helps businesses find cash savings for services such as web design or accounting, hospitality, training and even holidays....
Newton Abbot business Print Block is amongst the latest to sign up with BBX UK
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