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Really friendly team, and absolutely fantastic with communication.
Mandy, Gerry, Debbie and the team in Devon and Cornwall for BBX are fantastic, really helpful and very knowledgeable. If BBX is new to you they'll help guide you all the way, if you haven't heard of BBX look into it, I'm just about to book a holiday to Cyprus.
Mandy Swift & her BBX team are amazingly helpful & resourceful. If you are wanting to grow your business & use up spare capacity she is worth speaking to.
Dave and the team do a great job in promoting Exeter businesses of all sizes. The South West Business Expo is not to be missed !!
We have been using the BBX platform for several years now and I can highly recommend this to anyone that has a business that gets spare capacity. With our downtime, we have bought things that we would normally have to of used our cash. There are some great companies using this platform and we have received many referrals from other BBX members to cash paying customers.
Being a new business joining BBX has been great, gaining clients and experience and making new friends! Also getting things through the exchange that I didn't think I would have got if I hadn't of joined. Mandy and Debbie are great at looking after you too.
BBX is an interesting and valuable concept that has been well executed by the people involved. As a member, it has benefited me by bringing in a lot of new clients who look great on my portfolio, and who have sometimes become cash clients in due course. It has also helped me to make new and valuable contacts, and allowed me to conserve cash on business and personal expenses. Overall, I'm very glad I joined.
As an agency that mainly works in the Parish and Town council sector, we join BBX to gain more business customers which we have doubled since joining BBX. What we have found useful is using BBX to pay for services we would have gone without. One of those was getting a Virtual PA to help deal with the backlog of tenders we have sent out over the years, she been working with us for just over a month and has brought in over £3,000 worth of business.
I never considered selling my spare capacity until I heard about BBX. Its been a wonderful way for us to get a brand new website, boosted by Adwords and SEO campaigns all done in BBX ££££s. We have also met great new clients through BBX who are now very happy BBX & cash customers. BBX!! Bring it on.
Great people, great service, especially that Richard Hann It has enabled me to get some experience with my personal training, have had some wonderful meals, and some very fun experiences, such as Paddleboarding in Kingsbridge with Water born or having a lovely coffee and cake at the art cafe in Kingsbridge.
I am a Virtual Assistant and recently moved to Yeovil. Although my business allows me to work with anyone and anywhere, the restrictions of not being able to get out of the office make is hard to go to business networking meetings during the day. BBX has boosted my business in this area, and almost doubled my income. I was introduced to this by a client of mine and I could not be happier with the service they provide and all the new connections that have all had a positive outcome. If your business has spare capacity, then you could not go wrong in giving these guys a call - they WILL get you new clients. I will admit to being a little worried about how it would work for my business, but they help you through every step and they give you an account manager that you can call upon to help you with it all from the first day, that is a great help.
At first I was put off by the strange mix of things that I found, from websites to washing machines - it felt like a jumble sale. Then I grasped the system and realised I could refit my business and my house through BBX! It's helped me afford many things for home and office, brought in new customers and connected me to many businesses I'd never have otherwise encountered. BBX is like having Gumtree, LinkedIn and eBay in one platform, with networking, trading and help with promoting my business in BBX. It's enabled me to turn 'quiet hours' into a healthy balance for buying marketing, leads and much else which has brought a lot of new business my way.
BBX has been a great tool for me to expand my business. I have been able to sponsor events to raise my profile, get new clients and source, amongst others, marketing, design and print services. Mandy Swift has taken the time to really understand my offer and is brilliant at knowing what opportunities are right for my business. The networking and introductions provided by BBX in this area has produced more than £6000 in new business for me.
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