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The Wellbeing & Performance Company put on an excellent Wellbeing for Leaders event in November 2019 - with great key speakers. A truly inspired event and I have no doubt the services they offer would be very beneficial to ensuring wellbeing in the workplace.
I recently attended a Wellbeing and Mental Toughness event organised by TWPC. The speakers were excellent, covering a wide range of topics and approaches. This is a vast and complex area, with frankly, quite a lot of BS attached to it. But I was extremely impressed by their grounded and professional approach - and their choice of coaches and tools to approach it. - An important subject in these difficult times. - Well done TWPC!

Reply from The Wellbeing and Performance Company:
Thanks, Martin glad you enjoyed it we will let you know when the next one is! All the best the TWPC team
This year it was brought home to me just how much of an effect mental wellbeing is in the world of business. Seeing a number of business owners struggling with issues. At the event organised by The Wellbeing & Performance Company I was talking with one of the other delegates about how when you start a business there is plenty of advice about getting a business bank account, bookkeeper or accountant the HR policies you may need and of course heath and safety regulations. Thinking back to when I got started in business not one person said these are the mental challenges you might face and if you need help this is where to go. Having an organisation making an effort to change this and put Mental Toughness on the business agenda is brilliant and I am so pleased to be able to support them share the word with others that may well be in need of help and support.

Reply from The Wellbeing and Performance Company:
Thank you, David, very kind and absolutely right, it should be talked about as many aren't ready for the mental pressure of being a business owner - we are trying to push the message out there and your help is appreciated TWPC team
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