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Yes lock down wasn't a problem apart from a bit of cabin fever Zoom meetings but productive ones not ones with 50 people but area group meetings was the secret Thanks to Best of Eastbourne I achieved Google page and then moved on to Facebook page connected to Google And then zoom meetings with FSB CMA and enterprise nation many more things achieved as a sports massage therapist I can't work but we are talking with the Goverment Also my football team are in play offs but massage not allowed but hopefully for the national leauge play offs
David from the Best of Eastbourne is simply fantastic. He is supportive and gives great advice on how to develop your business. Highly recommended.
sometimes I feel sorry for David and the amount of times I've randomly pestered him... but he seriously is the first person I go to if I need any information of contacts or networking. Not only does he have a vast networking circle, he is always happy and keen to help. I have known him for (???) years and will continue to do so for the excellent advice he gives. If he doesn't know, he'll know a guy😊 Just brilliant. Thank you for all your hard work.
Thanks David and “ the best of” for keeping us up to date and flagging up issues that effect the business community locally.
David is amazing. He is so supportive of Eastbourne businesses and community groups. He has supported and promoted my beach clean group Mucky Mermaids since we began and I'm extremely grateful for it.

Reply from thebestof Eastbourne:
Thanks Cheryl, it is a pleasure to help :)
It was great to have a Business Boost talk with David about MailChimp and strategy for collecting and using data going forward to help to enhance my business thank you for all your help David as always Thank you Debbie Designer Travel
Best Of Eastbourne and David have been a great help. I have only recently joined the group, but since joining David has helped so much. I am looking forward to working together with the team, and seeing if we can do our part to make Eastbourne an even better town to live in. Thanks guys.
Loving the Best Of Eastbourne. It provides great business and marketing support and David has bags of energy. Never begin to underestimate the power of a good network and this is a great way to meet local people, customers, suppliers, and ambassadors! Get involved! Jon, Founder, Tea23
Many thanks to David from The Best Of for the never ending support and dedication to Eastbourne businesses! David is always available and nothing is too much to ask. Full of great ideas and always happy to help!

Reply from David Ruddle:
Thanks Eva, it is fab working with The Yoga-Life Studio :)
David Ruddle is so knowledgeable and passionate about helping local businesses, especially during this difficult time for all in 2020. Thank you David
As a new business this group is so helpful. Not just for networking but asking advise and getting marketing out there too. It's lovely to speak with other business owners and share advice and problems and David is so helpful with everything I need and gives great advise, not to mention his knowledge and skills. Such a helpful and lovely group to be part of.
With my business taking a big hit during the Covid19 crisis, I was ready to accept any help I could find. Within 24 hours of my enquiry not only had David responded, but we had spoken on the phone, agreed to proceed together and I had my Best of Eastbourne advert live! Support has been continued throughout via video calls and newsletters, and thanks to the knowledge of the Best Of community I've found other more specific help I needed also. What a fab way for local businesses to support each other.

Reply from David Ruddle:
Thank you Ella, I have loved your contributions to thebestof Eastbourne and having photos of dogs all over my social media makes me very happy. So glad I was able to help when you needed it :)
Even during lockdown David’s work to support local businesses hasn’t stopped and if anything is even more important to ensure the survival of all these wonderful Eastbourne businesses. It must have been a huge struggle for you David with all the financial uncertainty yet you haven’t given up and have become even more innovative during trying times. You’ve always been an advocate for buy & support local and during COVID more and more people have relied on local businesses to keep them going. You’re an unstoppable force and I appreciate everything you’ve done and hope you have more people backing your buy local campaign in the future. Keep being you and doing what you do as we couldn’t be without you!!!

Reply from David Ruddle:
I could not reply to this right away because you got me all emotional lol These last few months have been the hardest I have ever faced so hopefully, that makes whatever the future holds it will be a doddle!
I can’t recommend David enough, he is knowledgable and always ready to help. If you want to promote your business in Eastbourne the being part of Best of Eastbourne is the way to go!
I Just want to say how incredibly helpful David Ruddle has been in helping our charity get set up on thebestof Eastbourne. However, David's help has gone far beyond setting us up on the website. The charity academy events I have attended have been superb, David uses an informal presentation style that is very engaging and he interweaves some great strategic marketing tips alongside some very useful and practical tactics. Great for Charities and Businesses a like.
Since I've had two zoom meetings with David I've spring boarded to greater things including Google business rating and business loans to starting an online diploma run by a professional association Also small things like marketing avatar meanings connected to my work via email too flyers and so on, thank you so much.
Hi everyone since I've had two zoom meetings with David I've spring boarded to greater things including Google business rating and business loans to starting an online diploma ran by a professional association Also small things like avatar meanings connected to my work via email too flyers and so on ,thank you so much.
Thanks again for a great Zoom session today. As always David is so knowledgeable and generous with his time. At a very challenging time for charities you can always depend on David for his help and advice. Thanks again.

Reply from David Ruddle:
So pleased to finally get your event online :) All starting to take shape now. So glad I was able to help.
Another inspiring and helpful Academy (Zoom) session with David today - many thanks. Good to be reminded about updating events content, particularly during on-going coronavirus lockdown plus use of visuals and appropriate hash tags.

Reply from David Ruddle:
Always good to have you along Tim hope we can find a way to make sure Eastbourne Youth Radio and the BIG Futures Show are both a great success!
Yet again, David is our Knight in Shining Armour! Just spent an Academy session with him and a number of local charities. Although I know much of this already, it's always great to go over things and pick up new tips, too. An excellent hour in an online meeting. Never a dull moment!

Reply from David Ruddle:
Glad there is always something new to keep things interesting :)
I have to thank David for his advice, help & support offered so generously at this unusual and difficult time. He gave me the push towards the next stage of promoting my magic. Highly recommended by The Noble Art of Magic.

Reply from David Ruddle:
Loved the video and so pleased you had such a good response to your posts,
David kindly hosted a video meeting on Monday to get some of the members together for support and suggestions on how to restart our businesses after the lockdown. It was really good to meet some of the members and listen to the suggestions. I have been able to take the best bits and mind map my chaotic thoughts into a more ordered way. Today I have started to action the best bits and have had a bit more confidence to start actual promotion for future events rather than just keeping in touch with my followers. David has been great for following up after the call and his support and happiness is always welcome!
I’d like to thank David for his help and expertise. He spent an good hour sharing his best practice for running social media groups and improving my SEO results. I’m very grateful and if you’re a small business, get in touch with David as he really knows his stuff!

Reply from David Ruddle:
Glad the information was helpful, so much to cover :)
I can't thank thebestof Eastbourne enough for pushing the Eastbourne Makers for NHS and Keyworkers facebook group gofundme page and chasing down some local companies for donations for us, amazing work. with the funds generated from the gofundme we can by 3D Printer Filament (Plastic) so we can print visors, and buy material so we can make gowns, scrubs and masks which are all much needed by our NHS workers as well as other Keyworkers in the community. This includes Patient Transport, Care Homes, The Police and many many more who we are helping to stay safer by supplying much-needed PPE. Our go fund me is at the following link for anyone looking to contribute or you can find us on facebook

Reply from David Ruddle:
Glad we were able to help you reach your initial target. We will continue to help promote the fundraising now that the materials are costing so much more.
David kindly gave me a free trial on best of Eastbourne. Im very glad he did and I am now a paying member. David works exceptionally hard for all his members and I am very much looking forward to working with him.
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