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Tea23 is a small independent craft tea company on a mission to get people drinking great quality teas that taste out of this world. We got the name Tea23 from the number of attempts it took us to get our English Breakfast blend absolutely spot on!
While our teas look great and smell nice, the most important thing to us is how they taste. It's as simple as that. No gimmicks. We currently stock 9 beautiful blends on our website (tea23.co) and have a few more under development that we’ll be launching very soon.
Tea23 is built on 3 principles: 
1. Make the greatest tea ever; 
2. Create a cool brand of tea that engages with men; and 
3. Do some good in the process. 
Improving Men’s Mental Fitness
The 'doing some good' part is all about how we can help improve men’s mental fitness. Our packaging features a mask, which represents our own mental health and how we can sometimes hide how we’re truly feeling. It's also an acknowledgement that attitudes to masculinity need to change when men up and down the country would rather suffer in silence than open up about things that are troubling them. Thankfully, there's a lot of inspiring organisations already doing great work around these issues. But more needs to be done. 
We believe that the humble cuppa can be both a symbol and a tool that creates the changes that are desperately needed. That’s why we’re working with two brilliant initiatives, Talk Club and Get Curious, to get men talking. Both organisations provide a safe space for men to talk and listen to each other. These groups help them to understand that they’re not alone; that other men are facing very similar issues; and through the process of sharing we can all become mentally stronger. 
So put the kettle on and get ready to talk. Because together we're gonna do something about it. 
How to support your local tea company?
You can grab a cheeky blend or two from tea23.co or from the Tea23 stall at East Dean Farmers’ Market, which takes place every Wednesday morning (between 10.00 and 12.00).
We’d love to hear from you if you're an independent grocery store, deli, or a local cafe/coffee shop that’s interested in stocking Tea23 and supporting an Eastbourne start-up.
For further information about Tea23 please email us.
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