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Copywriting is about persuading your audience to take action. Liam Atkins Copywriting in Eastbourne can help you do just that, by writing everything from website copy to direct mail pieces to help you sell more stuff.

Your customers buy from you because you’re the expert at what you do, you offer something they either can’t or would struggle to do themselves, so it just makes sense for them to hire you to do to the job.

It’s the same for your marketing.

If writing about what you do is a chore if you struggle and don’t have the time or patience to produce marketing copy that sells yourself - hire someone like me, to do it for you. 

As a copywriter, my job is to sell what you do, with words.

Whether it's for your website, social media, emails or offline material - if you want your phone to ring, more customers through your door, or more sales in your pipeline, I can help write it.

I’ve got a dead-simple writing process which means I’m able to write ‘copy n paste’ ready copy - without you having to lift a finger, safe in the knowledge that your marketing copy is doing the selling for you.

About Liam Atkins Copywriting

I get what it's like to run a business, and I know how tough it is to produce marketing that works.

Back in 2017, I was sitting in a tiny flat, stone-broke with a toddler in tow and a crippling credit card debt.

I needed a way to bring home the bacon. I saw a niche I thought had potential and, with a two grand loan from my Dad, I did everything I could to make this startup work - 'go big or go home' as they say.

Six months later, and after hundreds of sleepless nights trying nearly every marketing trick in the book, I grew this business to £1.246 million in sales, before selling the IP to a London based VC. 

I now use this tried and tested experience to help others across Sussex do the same. Producing copy that gets results, from Search Engine positions with SEO copy and content creation to upping lead rates with email copy, and improving response rates for direct mail campaigns.

Copywriting Services That Get Results

Email marketing campaigns

From regular email newsletters to cold email outreach to find new customers - I can help increase your open and response rates.

SEO copywriting

Search engines love new content, but it's a pain to write. I can do this for you, with fresh content and SEO optimised pages, to help you (hopefully) be found by more visitors as you rank higher on Google.

Website content

Your website needs to be your businesses hardest working salesperson, if it’s not converting, there’s probably a problem with your content. I can help plug the holes to up your conversions.

Landing pages

I can help write and design landing pages that do the selling for you. Holding your prospects hand from initial contact all the way through to action.

Blog posts

Google loves them, sometimes your audience loves them - but most of the time, you don't love writing them. Let me take this off your hands and turn your readers into customers.

Direct mail & sales letters

Direct mail is way more expensive than online media, so it’s important to get it right. I’ll write your DM pieces to get you a bigger bang for your direct mail buck.

So, think you need help with your marketing copy?

Reduce the risk with my:


Exclusively available through thebestof Eastbourne, if you feel you could be squeezing more potential from your current marketing copy - sign up for your own 100% free copy audit.

I’ll run your sales messages through my proven 10 step copywriting process, and in just 24 hours you’ll receive:

  1. A video walkthrough highlighting the strengths and weakness of your copy.
  2. Copy and marketing suggestions to improve your conversion or response rates.
  3. Ideas on how to implement them.
  4. And my free guide to quickly producing copy that sells.

Since you're online anyway, drop me a message now to claim your free audit - you’ve not got much to lose, but potentially tonnes to gain.

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