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HR Support Sussex are Eastbourne, Haywards Heath and Brighton’s most approachable and professional outsourced HR consultancy, offering a fresh, pragmatic and up to date approach to managing your Human Resources using tried & tested techniques.

HR Support Sussex are a team of experts in outsourced HR predominantly based within the small and medium (SME) marketplace. Originally formed out of the need for a more experienced and competent level of HR during change management projects in our sister consultancy, the business fast became a service that was regularly in demand. In early 2019 we decided to form it in to a separate arm of the company and it continues to grow, attracting businesses from around the South East & London.

Ultimately the aim of our business is to be the number one supplier of outsourced HR Support services throughout the southeast, through a number of local offices.

In a great many cases the business drives employee wellbeing through a continuous improvement model. However, we also have a great many clients we deliver a base level HR Business Partnering service to. We pride ourselves on being adaptable to all types of business model and becoming more like an internal department of the businesses we support.

We are firm believers that despite being outsourced, our clients shouldn’t feel that when we work externally of them. We typically spend a great deal of time getting a full understanding of our client’s culture, ways of working and from this we integrate into the daily running of their business with minimal effort.

HR Services and Support

  • Operational HR Advice
  • Emergency HR and ER Support
  • HR Auditing & Updating of Procedures
  • Company Handbooks
  • HR, ER & Competency Based Training Delivery
  • Employment Contracts
  • Dispute Resolution & Mediation
  • Disciplinary Hearing Support
  • Settlement Agreement Negotiation
  • HR Training Delivery
  • Employee Well Being Advice
  • Management Team Coaching
  • Impartial Meeting Chair & Meeting Management Services 

However, if you can’t see what you are looking for, come and ask… The worst that can happen is we say no, and we almost certainly know who can help you!

HR Services and Support packages

HR & ER SOS – This service is an adhoc and emergency support service. It’s typically used when things have gone wrong and clients need help there and then. Within this, we can even offer out of hours support and its charged at an hourly rate, depending on the type of support you need.

Pay monthly – This service allows for a monthly fixed fee support service. A balanced arrangement with a group of services that are bespoke to your business needs, all packages are built for you as a client… As we know everyone is different! This can be for as little as £65 a month, depending on your requirements.

Typical services normally include:

  • Regular HR Advice & Support - Just pick up the phone
  • HR Audit – a full review of your existing HR policies and practice.
  • Dedicated personal support
  • Review and refresh - Keeping policy up to date.
  • Access to HR support documents -letters, forms, scripts for difficult conversations.

HR Business Partner – This service gives you a fully integrated HRBP service, without the costs of having to recruit, train and maintain them internally - We'll handle all of your HR, recruitment, wellbeing, disciplinary and grievance procedures. Give annual HR training and carry out a full organisational GAP analysis. We'll even give you a dedicated team member to look after you and everything else you'd get from having an HRBP internally.

Take a moment to think about the savings... No need to supply desk space, equipment, insurances… Let alone the saving in contributions to pensions and employer national insurance contributions!

Regardless of your type of business and the way you like your team managed, we can provide a solution, give us a call 01323 453239 or drop us a message with details of the support you need.

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