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HR Support Sussex are Eastbourne, Haywards Heath and Brighton’s most approachable and professional outsourced HR consultancy, offering a fresh, pragmatic and up to date approach to managing your Human Resources using tried & tested techniques.

HR Support Sussex are a team of experts in outsourced HR predominantly based within the small and medium (SME) marketplace. Originally formed out of the need for a more experienced and competent level of HR during change management projects in our sister consultancy, the business fast became a service that was regularly in demand. In early 2019 we decided to form it in to a separate arm of the company and it continues to grow, attracting businesses from around the South East.

Ultimately the aim of our business is to be the number one supplier of outsourced HR Support services throughout the southeast, through a number of local offices.

What we can do to help you and your business:

Outsourced Human resources management is about achieving increased team motivation, better team performance and freeing up more time for senior managers and directors to allow more revenue generation. The key output is to gain better company performance, without the need to increase head count.

Here are some quick statistics based on a recent survey of 4 companies we have worked with:

  • An increase in team productivity of up to 38%
  • A reduction in absenteeism from 6.3 days per annum to around 3.4
  • A reduction in staff churn of 46% (Reducing recruitment costs by 46%)
  • Better management team training – Increasing understanding reduces conflict and increases productivity and wellbeing!

Example: If we increased the outputs of a sales team currently turning over £1,600,000 a year, by 38%. That would then mean they are turning over some £2,208,000 pa.

If we then reduce the costs associated with recruitment, increase wellbeing and reduce absence through sickness, you’ll find that a bottom line profit based on 772K increases to closer to £900K on average.

What can we do to support you in times of need:

From time to time and as a business grows, we all know that things can unfortunately go wrong. People are your main asset and therefore this can be a main area for conflict, regardless of who is or isn’t to blame! That’s why we offer some services to protect you as an employer, these services compliment increased director and management training that we see as a standard when we start working with your business.

These services include:

  • Employment Dispute Insurance
  • Restrictive Covenant Insurance
  • Emergency HR & ER Support
  • Redundancy best practice and process Support
  • HR Audit
  • Employment Contracts
  • Company Handbooks
  • Dispute Resolution & Mediation
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Management Coaching & Training Delivery

We also have (in-house) access to both a specialist HR solicitor and barrister, this means that if things have really gone wrong, we can help you act quickly and effectively to resolve what’s happened, in most cases this can help you avoid tribunal or some more difficult conversations!

Final thoughts:

Most people only start to look at outsourced HR when things are going or have gone wrong, they forget that by starting to work with us prior to a situation of conflict can save them huge amounts of money, the irony is in most cases help you generate more money.

If you are either working in or running a business and finding it increasingly difficult to find the time and/or experience to run your team effectively, it could well be time to pick up the phone and give us a call 01323 353278 or drop us a message.

We pride ourselves on being open, honest and (we hope) the friendliest outsourced HR company in Sussex.

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