Eastbourne Fresh Local Fish
  • Eastbourne
    East Sussex
    BN23 5
Based in Eastbourne, East Sussex Eastbourne fresh local fish is a small fleet of fishermen selling our daily catch, providing you with a unique boat to door service, with nothing but freshest top quality seafood around at competitive prices with free local delivery.
Fishing for over 30 years from Eastbourne, our seafood is seasonal and locally caught sustainably off the Sussex coast. 
The daily menu will often change depending to what is landed and is subject to availability. 
Being among one of the healthiest foods as seafood provides you with so many important nutrients such as protein, vitamin D & omega 3 which are incredibly important for your body and brain.
Unlike supermarket seafood our fish is fresh and wild, the taste is unbeatable yet 25% of UK landed fish is eaten and 75% is exported. 
Meanwhile 70% of the fish we east is imported also and majority being farmed. You can help change this, your local fishermen and keeping your fish British! 
Whether it’s a little treat for your dinner or local restaurants we look forward to hearing from you! Get in touch with us to book your order in today! 
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