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During the Middle Ages, Polish cuisine was usually made from different farmed produce such as wheat or rye and from meats of wild animals and livestock as well as local fruits and herbs that you can usually get from your own backyard. Most of the dishes used a lot of salt and beer was the most common drink. Their food was also known to be sharp-tasting due to the use of high amounts of seasonings on their food such as juniper, nutmeg and pepper.
Polish cuisine
Polish cuisine
The traditional Polish cuisine is known to be organic and close to its roots despite of being served in other European countries.
WEN Abundance helps you eat local fruit and vegetables and support the local community.
Sausages are an integral part of Polish cuisine and Mleczko Delikatesy offers a great selection. Let the Acton branch guide you through a small selection of what they offer.
Nothing beats a cream tea on a summer's day!
Ealing Foodbank Launch
Ealing Foodbank Launch
A foodbank organised and supported by local people for members of the local community in crisis is being launched in the borough of Ealing.
Come along to Northfields on Friday 15th March for a fundraising barbeque in aid of Comic Relief.
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