A Fantastic Selection of Polish Sausages
11th September 2014
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Polish cuisine is very eclectic, having evolved over centuries and been influenced by many different cultures. It is rich in meat, especially pork, chicken and beef (depending upon the region) as well as winter vegetables and spices. Since Poland joined EU its traditional cuisine has become better known and continues to gain in popularity.

Sausages (Kielbasa in Polish)

Polish sausages come in many different varieties: smoked or fresh, pork, beef, turkey, lamb, chicken or veal and every region has its own speciality.

A popular Polish tradition is cooking ‘kielbasa’ on skewers outside over a campfire. This way of preparing and eating them is considered great fun and the open air and smell of smoke make ‘kielbasa’ taste amazing. 


Kabanos are long, thin dried sausages. We offer twelve different kinds, but the most popular are gold range kabanos. They’re a great introduction to this delicious sausage.

Gold Dried Hunter’s Sausage

This traditional Polish dried sausage is made from top quality pork and has just the right blend of seasonings. However, it is the special smoking and drying process which makes this sausage so unique. It makes a perfect appetiser or snack which can be enjoyed at home or work.

Podwawelska Sausage

This is another pork sausage with a subtle hint of seasonings discernible in the flavour. It is delicious in a sandwich or served hot. In the summer months it works perfectly on barbeques.

Ham Breakfast Sausage

Ham breakfast sausages are a premium quality product with meat content as high as 93% and are created with the most demanding consumers in mind.  Perfect as a cold or a hot snack. These sausages are especially recommended for children and fitness-conscious consumers.

Serving Sausages

In Polish cuisine sausages are often served garnished with fried onions. Smoked sausages are particularly versatile and can be served hot (boiled, baked or grilled) or cold.

Kielbasa are often cooked in soups such as zurek (sour rye soup), kapusniak (cabbage soup), or grochówka (pea soup). They are also baked or cooked with sauerkraut, or added to bean dishes, stews (notably bigos, a Polish national dish), and casseroles. They are also very popular served cold as cold cuts on a platter, usually for an appetizer at traditional Polish parties.

Come and see our whole range!

From this you can see just how important sausages are to Polish cuisine and the selection that we have reflects that. Come in and chat to us and we’ll be able to recommend other sausages for you to try.

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