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20th June 2016
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We have an endless amount of choice when purchasing goods and services today, with an extensive list of businesses offering similar products. Sofas are just the same, there are numerous styles, colours and materials to choose from which can make it a difficult decision for you to make. So, to save yourself the time, money and potential remorse of purchasing a sofa that you may not like in a few weeks’ time, here are a few tips to consider before your hunt for the perfect sofa.

  1. Consider the size

Depending on the size of your living room, you’ll need to decide on how much of the living room you would like your sofa to fill. Do you want to include singular chairs? Feet rests? These are all points to consider when purchasing your sofa. Maybe your living room is of a certain shape, so a slight L shape or curved sofa may be your best option. Tailor Made Sofas have a wide range for you to pick from and their experienced staff can give you excellent advice.

  1. Decide how you would like your sofa oriented

An analysis of your lifestyle and what you would like to use your sofa for should be thought about before purchasing your sofa. What will you be doing most in the space? Do you like to chill out and watch the TV? If so, make sure your sofa is facing in that direction. Maybe you have a large family so a few sofas dotted around the living room will be a great time to have some quality family time.

  1. Material

The aesthetics of your sofa is important, but functionality is also important. This means that you should choose a material for your sofa that is both functional and looks great. If you have a pet, children a suede sofa may not be the best choice for you. Ensure that you pick a material that will suit best with your household and lifestyle, again Tailor Made Sofa’s staff can provide you with great advice regarding materials of your sofa.

  1. Style that complements your home

A sofa that complements your home is important, an old fashioned home and a brand new modern sofa are unlikely to complement one another. So, when you do decide on your sofa, keep you’re the style of your home in mind!


After taking these 4 great tips into account, you are ready for your sofa hunt. Contact Tailor Made Sofa’s today for viewings and for some excellent advice on the best sofa for you.

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