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Different types of sofa!
Different types of sofa!
Sofas in our living rooms not only offers comfort or a medium for our relaxation but it can also serve as an aesthetic feature and choosing the right sofa for your living room is not that simple but not that hard either, if you know what to get.
Here are a few tips when picking the perfect sofa for your home...
It has come to that time of year where you are looking for ways of revamping and giving your living room a makeover, well fear not Tailor Made Sofas in Droitwich may have the solution for you!
Facebook have a huge audience for all businesses to make use of...
Tried, tested and highly recommended by thebestof Droitwich...naturally!
Don't forget Mum...
Don't forget Mum...
Don’t forget to treat Mum this year! Mother’s Day is fast approaching but don’t worry we’ve got it covered
Do you think before you speak, email /text/ post messages on social media? How important is thinking of the impact of our communications on others?
What's your view? Does 'Charity Begins at Home' resonate with you? Or do you agree that 'it shouldn't end there!'. In this time of Children In Need and giving. How much do you give to yourself, and those closest to you? Join in and share your thoughts
Bonfire Night in Droitwich
Bonfire Night in Droitwich
So what are you up to for Bonfire Night in Droitwich ... and have you recycled your Halloween pumpkins?
Do you love your family? Of course you do! Do you want to show them how you care? You can do it by dealing with something so they don't have to . . . Make things easier for them when they lose you. Please. And do it now . . . we never know . . .
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