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Droitwich Arts Network News
Droitwich Arts Network News
The latest news is available on our website, come along and paint the mural on 12 April
The mural is taking shape
The mural is taking shape
Annually we produce a temporary mural which will be seen from Vines Park. We are keen to involve local people, and schools in the creation of the mural. Come along on 12 April to help with the painting!
DAN has published a (draft) schedule of events for art activity in Droitwich for 2014 on the website
The latest DAN news has been published on the DAN website. There's a lot going on for Christmas, starting next Saturday (30th November) with the Lantern Parade, Planet Droitwich opening and the Droitwich Advent Calendar in place.
DAN's news can now be seen on the website - at The next meeting and Christmas activities outllined below.
Do you think before you speak, email /text/ post messages on social media? How important is thinking of the impact of our communications on others?
What's your view? Does 'Charity Begins at Home' resonate with you? Or do you agree that 'it shouldn't end there!'. In this time of Children In Need and giving. How much do you give to yourself, and those closest to you? Join in and share your thoughts
The sun is shining and it heralds the approach of summer and the season of Car Boot Sales. So, what IS the appeal and attraction of car boots? Why are they so popular? We'd love to hear from you with your views, opinions, stories and examples.
Droitwich Heritage Centre
Droitwich Heritage Centre
It's not just a tourist information centre!
I hope the weather is good for the Salt Day this coming weekend.
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