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Do you think before you speak, email /text/ post messages on social media? How important is thinking of the impact of our communications on others?
What really gets you fuming about bad service - or have you been thrilled with some great service? We'd love to hear your experiences . . .
Do you love your family? Of course you do! Do you want to show them how you care? You can do it by dealing with something so they don't have to . . . Make things easier for them when they lose you. Please. And do it now . . . we never know . . .
You will probably be aware that MP for neigbouring Bromsgrove, Julie Kirkbride, is to step down in the next election. Our own MP, Peter Luff, has also been "named and shamed" by the Daily Telegraph but insists his claims for expenses are within the p
Droitwich Spa residents have the opportunity to question Droitwich Spa Town Council around any concerns or issues that they may have at their annual town meeting. The meeting will take place in the Community Hall in Heritage Way on 6th April at 7pm.
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