Q1 of 2014 is Over – What Will You Achieve in Q2?
25th March 2014
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U-CAN (UN) LTD As Q1 has drawn to a close it’s time for business owners to think about their goals for Q2. One of the most effective ways of getting great results on a quarterly basis is to adopt the 90 Day Planning framework.

We have been running 90 Day Planning Sessions every quarter and we have seen a phenomenal amount of business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business as a result of attending our 90 Day Planning workshops.

These productive days spent working on your business rather than in it offer an opportunity to discover where your business is at, outline where you want your business to be and to draw up a clear and actionable plan to achieve your goals.

Overcoming Common Challenges

One of the great things about the 90 Day Planning workshops is that they provide business owners with an opportunity to overcome common challenges, and they also enable business owners to see that the challenges they face are not limited to their business or industry.

Two of the most common challenges that we hear about from local business owners is the need to generate more qualified leads for their business and the lack of time to learn new skills that will benefit their business.

It is with these common challenges in mind that we have developed a solution that enable business owners to overcome both of these challenges.

Using LinkedIn, a powerful social network focused on developing professional connections, you can successfully develop new contacts and leads for your business; and we’re here to provide all of the advice and training you need to use LinkedIn effectively!

Social Media and the Six Degrees of Separation

I’m sure you are familiar with the theory of six degrees of separation, which states that through the introduction of a ‘friend of a friend’ you can connect with anyone else in the world in just six steps.

This theory, first developed in the late 1920’s has developed increased interest in recent times following the development of social media. 

I have recently read two interesting articles that demonstrate how social media is smashing the number of degrees of separation to three... or less!

The first article, ‘5 Studies Prove Social Media is Less than 6 Degrees of Separation’, by Rob Petersen, looks at five different studies that have been performed on various social networks and online applications to look at their impact on the 6 degrees of separation.

Interestingly, of the five platforms observed (email, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) it appears that LinkedIn is, to date, the most powerful tool for reducing the number of degrees of separation.

LinkedIn reduces the degrees of separation to just 3 degrees, offering business owners a fantastic platform for connecting with new people and developing profitable business relationships.

The second article, entitled ‘The One-Degree World of Kevin Bacon’ looks at how celebrities like Kevin Bacon are using social media platforms such as Twitter, Vine and Facebook to reduce the degrees of separation to just one step.

Planning to Learn How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads and Build Relationships

Evidently, social media platforms such as LinkedIn offer business owners a powerful platform that can be used to develop meaningful connections and relationships.

If you aren’t yet using social media to benefit your business then you should attend the next 90 Day Planning workshop, which is due to be held at the end of March.

During this informative workshop you’ll learn how to use laser like focus to plan the goals of your business for the next quarter. We’ll provide the tools you need to plan effectively and to ensure that you achieve your goals.

As part of your business planning you can allocate time to attend a LinkedIn training workshop held by 3 Degrees Social; a business that Mary and I have setup with the sole purpose of helping business owners like you to seek out suitable contact via social media and how to generate more qualified leads via LinkedIn.

Let’s Connect!

Let’s learn a lesson from Kevin Bacon and use social media to reduce the six degrees of separation to just one! You can connect with me on LinkedIn where you’ll find out more about what I do and how I can help you.

Don’t forget, you can keep up to date with 90 Day Planning on Facebook.

Finally, if you’d like to receive more information about 3 Degrees Social and our LinkedIn training workshops you can email me directly

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