Four Top Sofa Buying Tips
23rd December 2015
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Relaxation is a word we all love.  At the end of each day we hope to spend a certain amount of time perhaps sitting on the sofa either with a great programme on the TV, engrossed in a great book, enjoying a nice glass of wine or cup of cocoa.  We all have different ways to enjoy relaxing, but our seat on the living room sofa is paramount.  The sofa is therefore an extremely important part of the home for relaxation and appearance.

So, with its importance in the home, if our sofa needs to be replaced or we simply have the desire and budget to replace it, what do we need to consider in a replacement?


Comfort – Firstly, let us address our need to relax and be comfortable.  There is little or no point in agreeing to purchase a sofa that you have not sat on to test the comfort.  In the same way you would certainly want to lay on a mattress before buying a bed, you should want to sit on a sofa to see if you’d feel comfortable.

Appearance – Varying degrees of importance are placed upon the appearance of the sofa within a room.  Some like it to match the décor within the room, where others find that they just want a sofa that is comfortable enough and within their budget to purchase.  However, it’s not all about matching the décor or its look within the room, because your sofa needs to maintain its appearance.  If you have children, is a cream fabric sofa a good idea for example, as stains from spilt food or drink could become an ongoing issue?  Similarly, if you have a light coloured dog that sheds, would a darker coloured fabric continually show the hair, even if you vacuum it several times each day?

Accommodating – If you’re shopping for a sofa or a lounge suite with a combination of sofas and chairs, will there be enough seating to accommodate everyone within the household?  For example, your old two seater sofa may have fit you and another adult plus a small child, but will the next sofa do the same? It’s perhaps worth taking the entire family on your final sofa shopping trip to test this out.

Measuring – There’s a saying when purchasing furniture or items to fit within spaces which is “measure it twice and buy once.” So often, people forget this very simple rule only to find out when it is too late that things don’t fit in as they should do.  It is important to measure and re-measure available spaces, ensuring that you have the measurements clearly written down to take with you when shopping for a sofa.  However, don’t stop at measuring your available space, you also need to think about the delivery of the sofa.  Always measure the width and length of doorways and windows, so that you can establish if and how the sofa will make it into your living room space.


Whilst sofas come in all shapes and colours, there are some pretty standard sizes available.  However, you can take a more exclusive approach to sofa buying, and really ensure it has everything you want, by visiting Tailor Made Sofas in Droitwich.  They not only stock a fantastic range of British made and handcrafted sofas that you wouldn’t see at a standard furniture supplier, but also design and make sofas to your specifications.

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