Different types of sofa!
18th October 2016
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You also need to consider a few things before getting your hands on one of the sofas you saw at a home furniture store. You should consider your living room space to make sure that your sofa will fit and you also need to consider if your chosen sofa will complement the design and layout of your living room.


This is a kind of sofa that has a ‘quilted’ style which can usually be seen on its back and arms but other manufacturers and designers put the ‘quilted’ design on the seating section too for added flair.

Sectional sofa

This is one of the most popular sofa choices as it maximise the living room space. It is usually installed as an L- shaped sofa that can be put on the corner of your living room. Due to its growing popularity, sectional sofas have now different designs that can better fit your preferences as well as your living room features. You can choose whether to have an L- shaped or U- shaped sofa that will best suit your living room.

Lawson- style Sofa

The focal feature of this sofa is comfort. This usually has separate pillows that not only complement the sofa but also adds comfort. This sofa generally has a lot of cushions to provide comfort with foams that are not stretched in the sofa’s base frame. Lawson- style sofas are one of the most popular choices in loving room sofas nowadays.

English sofa

This is also popularly known as English rolled arm. Its distinct feature is it has a cushioned low arm and taut nature. If you’re looking for a formal- looking sofa and yet don’t want to compromise comfort, this is your go- to living room sofa.


This sofa has a distinct elegant design of continuous back to arm design. This also often has intricate designs giving it more sophistication and elegance and its exposed legs adds to its over- all aesthetic design.

After deciding which kind of sofa you’ll be adding to your living room, it’s best to contact Tailor Made Sofas who specialises in creating customised sofas. You can be rest assured that you’ll be getting the best sofa for the best price and quality.

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