Droitwich Heritage Centre
29th September 2009
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I can't tell you the number of times I have walked past St Richard's House but not bothered going in.  I was vaguely aware it's the tourist information centre, but why would I want tourist information on Droitwich?

Like me, you probably know where it is, but don't know the name.  It's the black and white building, opposite the library and before the private hospital, otherwise known as Droitwich Heritage Centre.

The building is the former Brine Baths site.  Droitwich Heritage Centre has plenty of temporary exhibitions to interest all ages.  Quite often there are workshops and lectures alongside the exhibitions.

My son has been learning about the Romans in school and we managed to find a wealth of information and fascinating facts about the Romans at Droitwich Heritage Centre.  They have taken Roman skulls and reconstructed faces!!  The history of the salt industry is a real eye opener.  Who would have thought something as insignificant as salt could have shaped whole towns and communities and even changed the way we live?

Admission to Droitwich Heritage Centre is FREE and the staff there are really welcoming and knowledgeable.

My son really enjoyed his visit there and wants to go back.
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