So what is it about Car Boots that grabs our attention?
22nd May 2010
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CAR BOOTS . . . what makes them so popular?

Driving around Droitwich, Hanbury and Bromsgrove I'm seeing more and more signs up promoting Car Boot Sales.   For me that's always a sign that the weather is changing and we are really heading into summer.

And hasn't it been a glorious couple of days.  No volcanic ash to be found anywhere around this part of the world.  I hope that hasn't disrupted your plans!

So . . . with a bank holiday coming up and with more of us getting out and about into the fresh air, I'd love to know your thoughts and opinions . . .

What is it YOU love about Car Boots?

  • Is it the thrill of finding a bargain?
  • Is it just the idea of getting out of doors and exploring?
  • Being in a field in the middle of the countryside?
  • Community?

As a Brummie who moved into Hanbury five years ago it's uncharted territory for me and I'm fascinated.

I've seen the Car Boot Sales listed up on our Events page . . . so will definitely do some exploring myself.   Maybe I'll bump into you at one of them . . . come up and say hello!

Will it help bring the city folk out to visit us?  What else can we tempt them with?

And let me know what it is that makes them so popular?  (You wouldn't believe the amount of website traffic they generate . . . it's great!)



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