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Croydon Council has recently launched a new service aimed at helping residents identify their housing options.
The recent erratic weather conditions and in particular, the record breaking rainfall, have played havoc on many gardens, can they be rescued, and what can we do to protect our green space and planting in future years?
Croydon Council Cabinet is preparing to discuss plans to fine residents who fail to recycle their household waste in an effort to save in the region of £200,000 of taxpayers’ money.
Join in the High Jinx and enjoy a basketball tournament, live music, dance and Graffiti contests in an event dedicated to the youth of Croydon, created by the youth of Croydon, striving to build a better future.
There is a much publicised obesity problem in the UK, and Croydon has its fair share of 'chunkies' (including myself). But with so much temptation around it seems unfair to miss out on the goodies. With a bit of thought, that may not be necessary.
What if you could lose weight without changing your eating habits one bit – and no, we're not talking major surgery or boot camp here. What if it was free? What if it was easy? Read on...
Armed Forces Day will be on Saturday 30th June and Croydon Council launched a week of events dedicated to supporting the Armed Forces, opening with a flag raising ceremony yesterday outside Croydon Council Offices.
After spending the weekend visiting the most adorable, mischievous and enchanting young man I’ve ever met, I started thinking how right that person was who said that grandchildren are God's way of compensating us for old age.
Nationally we've had the Jubilee, and we're looking forward to the Olympics, but locally Croydon can offer festivals, boot fair booty and all the fun of a Summer Fair. Support your local schools and organisations and have a great time in the process.
The world has shrunk so rapidly in such a short space of time – video phones, instant news and messaging. It's not always easy for the more mature amongst us to keep up. And just as I think I'm au fait with it all, I get a request to arrange 'Skype time?'
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