Housing help for Croydon residents
24th September 2012
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With the average house price in Croydon being over £272,000 and the average cost of a flat in the borough being over £164,000 it's little wonder that the demand for social housing is higher than ever.

Add to this the difficulties faced when trying to raise a mortgage even for those in relatively well paid jobs, and it's easy to see how the pressure mounts on the Council to provide homes within the area.

We are lucky in Croydon to have a Council that is building new council houses, and actively works towards continuing to see more houses built, but there are a significant number of people waiting for these properties, or for a housing association property, and unfortunately there are still not enough to go round.

However, the Council last week launched their housing options self help tool aimed at helping you to identify a range of housing options which may be available to you. Once completed you will be provided with a personalised action plan, guidance on how the Council may be able to assist and advice on the steps you need to take to further explore your options.

Earlier this year the excellent work of Croydon Council’s housing service with residents of all ages was recognised when it was awarded the UK Housing Awards Local Authority Landlord of the Year. Run by the Chartered Institute of Housing and Inside Housing magazine, the award recognises the local authority ‘which has exceeded expectations in delivering an outstanding service’. and our Council strives to live up to the award by providing as much help as possible in this challenging department.

In the absence of suitable Social housing being available there is a good supply of private rented accommodation in Croydon and the Council will also give help and advice on how to find it, and fund it.

They also have a range of low cost home ownership schemes so if you would like to own your own home but think you can't afford it check out where they can help you choose and apply for the housing options that are affordable and best for you. There are schemes to buy a share in a brand new or refurbished property, or rent one at a price you can afford on a rent to buy scheme.

There is no doubt that our housing situation is not ideal, but Croydon residents are in the fortunate position of having a Council who care, and constantly strive to bring about improvements in the Borough.

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