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Fracking In The Cotswolds
Fracking In The Cotswolds
Fracking is a controversial method of releasing natural shale gas by drilling deep into the earth, and it may be on its way to The Cotswolds.
Plans have just been released which outline the Cotswolds housing requirements until 2031. If approved it could see the building of up to 2500 new homes in the area.
From the 3rd to 9th June thebestof Cirencester will be celebrating all the great independent businesses we have locally and encouraging the people of our wonderful town to invest in its local economy.
Many are at this very moment trapped in loveless marriages, hateful "friendships", and joyless work environments. If you are one of them, then before you go reading books like 'Show em Who's Boss' and 'Kick em While They Are Down', you should read this article.
To add to the Market Place re-vamp, plans were submitted this week for a new shopping, leisure and cultural complex near New Brewery Arts in the heart of Cirencester.
We are looking for budding bloggers! Do you want to spread the news about all things local? Maybe you want to show off your writing talents? Or perhaps you just want to share your worldly wisdom?! Look no further!
A sniff, a sip… Hang on – that doesn’t smell quite right. There’s a sort of dullness. Almost something musty. But what on earth to do next? The sommelier hovers expectantly. What the hell do you say? Is there something wrong with the wine? Or does the fault lie somewhere along your nasal passages? Maybe it’s just that you’ve chosen poorly off the list (again) and it’s simply an example of unimpressive plonk. There’s lots of it about, after all. Or is there more to it than that? Could the wine be faulty? Could it even be “corked”? Oh Christ alive this is getting awkward...
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