2500 New Homes In Cirencester?
4th June 2013
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Plans have just been released which outline the Cotswolds housing requirements until 2031. If approved it could see the building of up to 2500 new homes in the area with the bulk of the development being in the Chesterton part of the town.  Across the district, total of 4000 new homes are planned.  Public consultation on the plans is set to begin on the 19th July.

Councillor Nick Parsons, responsible for the local plan says: "The problem we face is allocating where the new homes should go and our strategy is always to go for the most sustainable site," "Cirencester must take the largest share as it's the biggest town."

He also commented that the council were "working out the amount of social/affordable housing required" and was in discussions with the counties other local authorities so they could work together to make a strategic assessment of the housing market.

What do you think about the proposal? Do you think we need more homes?

For more information and to read the related documents visit the Cotswold District Council Website using the link below.


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