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17th November 2010
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As a business in rural Wales just how important is it to work and create working partnerships with other local businesses?

Very is the answer we come up with every time.

Particularly Web Designers can often find themselves offering a broad range of services which can mean falling into the trap of being 'A Jack of all Trades and Master of none'.

If you are a large company and have a raft of specialists inhouse this is less likely to arise.  However for the smaller Business it is vital to have the ability to utilise (on a client by client basis) the services of specialists; without adding to your cost base and ultimately increasing customer fees.

We create user friendly, easy to maintain & affordable web sites using Joomla the current leader as far as content management systems go. For us our choice was simple; we wanted to move away from creating sites primarily in flash. We ensure every web site is fully search engine optimised as standard , which means truly Browser Friendly.  There is little point in having a web presence if you cannot be found.

We are not Graphic Designers however we know several great local Businesses who have this specialist skill and will happily work with us whether it be creating a unique logo for our web clients or taking the look of a web site that one step further, budget allowing.

We are not pure Programmers however we work with a number of reliable, affordable although sadly not ( we cannot afford you )  local specialists in this area.

Copywriting is again a specialist skill and the best results especially when creating copy for your web site can come from working with some one who is a 'great wordsmith'. Yes we do know a few people who fall into this category.

We run a Business in Wales and greatly appreciate the need for Bi lingual web sites which is why we have a number of excellent welsh translators to call upon.

We are the first to compliment Businesses we come across on an excellent  web site as its  great to have aspirations and yes competition is good as it keeps us all on our toes.

Its a shame we don't always receive the same professional courtesy from a very small minority of people who perhaps do not appreciate the importance of working together as part of a rural community & supporting each other in what are challenging times for every Business small or large.

We are by the way approachable, listen to our customers and are keen to provide a service that promotes knowledge & skills to enhance our clients use of the web.  We are also available 7 days per week.

We do specialise in Video Production & Product / Event Photography.

Take a look at our website and do give us a call on 01545 509054  or email us

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