Why are us Brits so bad at giving good service? In fact giving any service at all
27th November 2010
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I'll give you an example I was in Cardigan the other day and wandered into a shop – there was absolutely nobody there to assist me let alone welcome me.  I walked round the shop.  I was there browsing for around 3 minutes and then called out.  Finally someone came out from the depths of the shop, - no smile no greeting – in fact I was made to feel that I was a nuisance for interrupting  them!  Did I buy – no I did not!  This was pure sabotage of the business.  Not sure if it was the owner or the employee – either way they lost my custom! 

Contrast this with a visit to another local business Brethyn Cartref.  A smiling lady from the mezzanine floor greeted us with a smile as we came in and directed us to where we wanted to be.  Gave us time to browse and then offered friendly help and advice – in fact helped us to buy.  The result-  we bought!

Is it because we think we are pressure selling! Or is it that we are lazy?
People like to buy and they buy more if the experience is a helpful, knowledgeable, happy and dare I say it a fun one

People are buying Christmas Presents at the moment – How can you get them to buy from you? assuming you have managed to attract them into your premises in the first place! (another subject)
Ask questions: 

  • Have they visited this shop before? 
  • Are they local? Where have they travelled from?
  • Do they know the layout?  Be helpful!
  • What are they looking for?  What do they have in mind? 
  • Who are they buying for? Is it an adult or child, male or female?  
  • Guide them to the right area. Let them browse for a while and then offer suggestions. 

Know your products and offer a solution….. and gift wrapping?

Suggestions:  Maybe the customer is looking to buy a necklace – well what about the ear-rings or bracelet?  Maybe you could give an offer.  Buy the necklace and Bracelet and have the ear-rings Free or half price!!  Remember its added value and good service! Try these great gift shops Ellianas in Cardigan and Tivy Hall Gifts in Newcastle Emlyn - you will always receive a warm welcome and great service.

The customer is buying some Gardening Tools how about adding some seeds or indeed bulbs.

A great example of upselling.
I was recently in my favourite deli, Naturally Scrumptious looking for a treat for my husband.  It was a Thursday and the owner in general conversation asked what I was doing over the weekend. (friendly and interested in me!) I was actually having a dinner party with friends. Well the conversation led to what I was going to serve my guests.  I had sorted the starter and main but not the dessert.  Well long story short I bought a wonderful Apple cheesecake with advice to add extra flambéed sliced apple just before serving. Great idea.  But it didn’t end there –was I serving a cheese course?  They suggested the most voluptuous (sounding like Nigella now!) Gorgonzola cheese to be served with a baked fig round.  Heaven!  Needless to say I happily spent more and my dinner guests thought the dessert and cheese sensational. 
If someone walks into your shop – they are looking to buy – help them!

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