What is the value of using web video to market your business ?
18th September 2010
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What is the value of using web video
to market your business ?

 Demonstrates rather than simply tells your customers what you can do for them quickly.
 Far more exciting than reading text.
 Can be set to background royalty free music track to evoke emotions or the addition of a voice over will help to personalise.
 Can be used to attract visitors to your web site and to a venue.

Video online is the most successful medium of advertising with up to 83% return on investment :

 Available 24 hours a day
 Cheap to distribute
 If uploaded via Youtube this presents an opportunity to hit a   larger more diverse audience. We are today talking of billions of subscribers to Youtube

Video Testimonials, it can be argued successfully, add greater credibility and provide your customers with an opportunity to praise you and promote their Business – a win win.

With increasing Broad Band speeds the majority of internet users now have 2Mb. This is not interestingly the 50Mb we are often promised however that's another topic for debate.
Improving bandwidth does mean you can now have higher quality, HD videos on your website.
A grainy, poorly filmed video simply shouts 'I'm not really convinced this will generate sales' and you would be right.
Video doesn't have to be slick however using a Professional will ensure the experience is invaluable, enjoyable too, whilst providing a tangible return on your investment.
At a recent speed networking event  we met a skilled craftsman with a whole pack of wonderful photographs of his stunning bespoke furniture. Like the rest of us he had 90 seconds to convince potential buyers to progress the conversation with his one set of Photos; which were not incidentally showcased on his web site.
A DVD presented to each prospect with a short video on his web site could certainly have made him stand out in a crowd and more importantly gain new customers.

We would love to show you in person the value of using Web video to promote your Business.

Contact Rebecca on 01545 509 054 to to set up a meeting.

Storm Development are delighted to offer all Best Of Cardigan & Teifi Valley and Best of Carmarthenshire business members a 10% Discount on all Video Packages if commissioned before October 31st 2010.

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