The right aids for the disabled can mean Independent Living
18th July 2012
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Did you know? There are around 11 million disabled people living in the UK.
And did you know? Almost 40-percent are aged between 19 and 59 years-of-age.
Combined with the increase in average life expectancy, there is an increasing demand in independent living aids.

Having the right disability aids can mean the difference to living independently or not and this is never truer than when considering bathroom equipment.  Being able to go to the bathroom un-assisted and to carry out your own ablutions is often where the tipping point lies. When the difficult decision of remaining in your own home with self sufficiency or recognising that you need extra care arrives it often revolves around this area.

The wonderful staff at Mobility Freedom Direct understand the general requirements of those that find themselves in this difficult position. This may be a difficult conversation for you to have but it will not be the first time for them and they will treat the issue with sensitivity.  They will also listen to your own concerns and answer your questions without embarrassment.  They will limit your discomfort and offer solutions to your most pressing concerns.
They offer a wide range of
•    Bathroom equipment.   A bath grab bar has a horizontal cross bar providing a secure handhold for additional stability and confidence when getting in or out of the bath.
Or maybe you need more assistance.  A great all-round bath lift Mountway's Neptune Bath Lift has been designed in close consultation with both professional carers and a variety of users, to ensure that it offers an excellent bathing experience
•    Commodes.  There is a wide range available from the Height Adjustable Economy Commode,This hygienic, easy-clean and comfortable commode chair has a fixed, flame retardant padded back and detachable overseat cover with a high density polypropylene pan and lid.  The splayed leg design provides optimum stability.
 Or the extra wide Royale commode.  The frame is polished hardwood and the seat squab and backrest are padded with vinyl upholstery giving the appearance of a normal piece of household furniture.  The seat squab is hinged so it is not necessary to remove the seat and store it whilst the commode is being used. The squab slides between the two back legs when in the open position. The inner plastic seat tray can be removed to convert this commode to an ordinary household chair.. The lift and seal arrangement of the lid handle seals the contents for easy transportation and allows the chair to return normal use.
•    Shower commodes and Shower chairs that can be quickly and easily installed with the minimum disruption to your routine and to your home.

Whatever your current requirements the friendly staff at Mobility Freedom Direct will have come across the issue before and will be able, from their extensive stock, to choose the correct aid for you.  To begin your enquiries call 01239 639 162.

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