Silver Surfers Day
11th May 2010
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More than 1,500 Silver Surfers’ Day events to help older people get online will be held on 21 May.

For the UK’s biggest promotion of ‘hands on’ sessions exclusively for older people, invitations are going out from UK Online Centres, libraries, Age Concern branches, voluntary organisations, community centres, schools and many other venues where Silver Surfers’ Day events are being organised locally.  Events will be held in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

What will most events have to offer?  They will all be suitable for total novices!  Most will be free.
They will provide older people with a gentle introduction to using a computer and a taste of what getting online has to offer.  They will be pressure-free and relaxed!  If a participant is only interested in one aspect, for example learning how to send emails, that’s fine.

Event holders will have access to ‘On the Day’, a new web-based interactive resource to help older people learn basic computer skills, how to email, scan and upload photos, place an online order, play a quiz about health and wellbeing, listen to music, and how to use the Internet to find information and save money.

Silver Surfers’ Day also provides a great opportunity for ‘media literate’ people to show older family members and friends how easy it is to use a computer and get online.  Informal ‘events’ like these are being actively encouraged where older people are unable to access or participate in a larger event.

Whether you are a potential event holder, are interested in volunteering to support an existing event or simply want to take advantage of the momentum around Silver Surfers’ Day to help get an older family member, friend or neighbour online, we have made it easy to get involved.

• Go to Here you will find a searchable database of local events, information on how to register as an event holder and links to all the tools and tips you need to create your own event or get someone you know online.

• Alternatively call 0800 100 900.

Silver Surfers’ Day on 21 May 2010 is coordinated by Digital Unite and supported by Ofcom.  Silver Surfers’ Day was created by Digital Unite in 2002 and has been held every year since.  In 2010 it is part of Adult Learners’ Week (15-21 May).  All local events are organised by autonomous Event Holders who are encouraged to register with Digital Unite.  Information provided by Event Holders is checked before event details are published on the Silver Surfers’ Day website. 

For further information about Silver Surfers’ Day please phone 0800 077 6144 to speak to Nick Harvey, Silver Surfers’ Day Campaign Manager, or email

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