Networking Event at Coracles Health & Leisure Club
6th February 2009
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Thebestof Cardigan & Teifi Valley are having a joint networking event with Ceredigion Chamber of Commerce on Monday 23rd February at Coracles Health & Leisure Club in Cenarth at 6.15 pm This is a great venue with bar and plenty of space which is wonderful for those of you who wish to bring banners to promote your business.

This event is FREE to business members of thebestof and members of Ceredigion Chamber. We are very pleased to have two excellent speakers.

Rob Gray from Allaways Coffee and Tea Company - so if you are a B&B, Guesthouse, restaurant, hotel, cafe, wine bar or just love coffee then this is the event for you as Rob will not only be discussing the best and only way to make great coffee but giving tastings too!. Allaways really know the meaning of the word service and it is second to none - so is their coffee - I've tried it and it is truly good.

Clive Davies of Telemat ITC will then be discussing bi-lingual websites. This is a must especially as the Welsh Assembly Government has very recently, published its bid for more powers to make laws to promote the Welsh language. One of its aims is to achieve equal status for the Welsh and English language in Wales, and so make Wales a fully bi-lingual country. This reminds us that providing services for our Welsh speaking customers is an area that we may overlook.

Did you know that searches in Search Engines such as Google, for key Welsh words have far less competition than the equivalent word in English, so you can get much better rankings on the search engines if your customers are searching in Welsh?

Best of member Telemat ITC specialise in the design of bi-lingual websites and will be there to talk about the ins and outs of creating a bi-lingual site. For further details do call Telemat ITC on 01239 712 345

Hints and Tips on Networking

Never been to a networking meeting?

It might appear a little daunting for the first time but never fear I will happily introduce you to people. Just come prepared with Business Cards and promotional literature. However when you arrive I may well be with someone else so hopefully these few hints and tips will help you over the first hurdle.

  • Stand first and scan the room - is there anyone you know? are they involved with a group?
  • Look at each group, note the body language, eye contact - is the group closed ie looks intense with no gaps for someone to join. Look for a group with a gap or alternatively someone equally on their own.
  • Joining a group with a gap. Join the group and listen to the conversation first it will give you an idea the topic of conversation. Wait until a lull in the conversation and then introduce yourself and your business but do not go head long into a sales pitch. Ask the others to introduce themselves This is a good point to shake hands and listen carefully to who the others are in the group. If you haven't heard a name ask for it to be repeated. Do not rush at it.
  • If no lull in conversation: remain confident and enthusiastic and listen carefully there may well be an opportunity for you to add to the conversation or ask questions. Try and find common ground. Your questions will prompt answers that could well give you the insight into their business or lifestyle where your business might well be able to assist.
  • Find out what they are looking for - you may well have an answer. Remember all business people have private lives too and it may well be if you are a tradesman for instance - your service would be invaluable to them. But businesses often need other businesses to support them so listen carefully.

Tomorrow I will add some more hints and tips so do look out for them.

Meanwhile put the 23rd February in your diary and I will look forward to seeing you then.

Until the next time,

Best wishes


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