Mobility gives us freedom of movement so how do we cope when we have a disability whether temporary or permanent?
6th November 2011
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Ever broken a finger or a toe?

Or perhaps worse an arm or leg?

For somebody who is usually ambulant with few cares and worries being able to button a shirt, blouse or coat is easy, second nature in fact, but as soon as a hand or arm is in plaster you suddenly find out just out difficult this supposedly simple task can be!

For those of us who have a temporary disability it can be annoying at least and frankly devastating at worse as it affects all that we try to do.

Try opening a screw top jar with a hand incapacitated, or trying to prepare a meal if you are unable to stand without toppling over!  So imagine how it must be for those who have a permanent disability in doing these normally simple tasks.

Help is at hand, whether you have a permanent disability or a temporary one.
Mobility Freedom helps you have just that - Mobility Freedom.

Consider this case study:
A lady has a tumour in her spine which initially led to the inability to walk but as the tumour reduced in size and pressure,  the ability to walk returned but the lady still required support when walking.  It wasn’t just the need for support  -This lady needed to be able to carry ‘things’ from one place to another, such as a hot cup of coffee from kettle in the kitchen to her desk in her office

One solution was the Folding Alloy Tri-Walker with Tray, Bag and Basket.  The joy of this is that everything was adjustable to her height.  It changed her life as she was able to do things most of us take for granted such as carrying her cup of coffee from Kettle to her desk.

Mobility Freedom stock all types of equipment and daily living aids from a Twister Jar Opener to Mobility Scooters and Wheel chairs.  So whatever the disability Mobility Freedom is sure to able to help. 

Give them a call now  on 01239  639 162 or go on-line to view products and order here

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