Its time for action in the Garden so lets ask the expert what to do first
8th January 2011
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Spring is in the air!  Yes it is I have proof – the crocuses are pushing through the frozen soil and the daffodils too! And a hedgehog visited our garden this week!  But oh the garden apart from these few confident shoots it is brown, scruffy and dead looking!  With the barometer showing sunny it is time for action.
First port of call is advice from local landscape gardener Jason of Gowin’ Mowin’ and Cych Valley Landscaping

According to Jason this is the ideal time to prune Fruit Trees so the project for the next two weekends will be:-
Pruning fruit trees and get on top of the Weeding & Clearing away all the dead foliage from the perennials and the enjoyable bit –for long dark nights is the planning of new beds and projects for spring and summer.  This can be done in the evenings  with a glass of wine in hand (essential) in the warmth of indoors!
Pruning Fruit Trees
The aim is to get better fruit , so by pruning tree smaller, you get less fruit but better quality.
1. Cut out all dead branches and cut out any branches that are touching each other.
2. Cut out any unwanted leaders that are shooting straight up. Keep lateral branches
3. Finally shape and reduce the volume
Note when cutting a branch, cut above a bud or small branch

Weeding & Clearing,
1. Clear away all the dead foliage from the perennials, - chop it up and add to the compost heap.
2. When weeding dig deep to sieve out all those perennial weed roots particularly bindweed, ground elder and couch grass(dig out all the roots) As you go improve the compacted soil by mixing in extra compost.  Gowin’ Mowin’  can supply compost and wood chip mulch made from recycled garden waste at  £30 per m3 plus delivery ( free up to 5 miles )by tipper. ( 1 m3  equates to around 1000 litres) Call now on 01239 639 150

Mulching beds helps to stop weeds growing back and helps to feed plants

3. Cut back ornamental miscanthus grass before new shoots start to develop
4. Trim back ivy and Virginia Creeper from around windows and guttering.

Planning the garden
Catalogues are great for perusing but so is the internet.  It will give you an idea of size and colour.
Areas to consider:
1. Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes, planters and general bedding.  If you have a greenhouse these can be bought in plug form and brought on.  Probably the most economical way but takes a little more time and effort. 
2. Herbaceous Borders.  Are you planning a new border or in filling?
3. Rockeries: Alpine flowers work well here.
4. Shrubbery:  Are you planning a shrubbery or wishing to infill

5. Herb Garden: Starting from scratch or adding too?
6. Trees: These can add focal points and shade within a garden and of course come in all shapes and sizes.  Speed of growth could also be a consideration.

As always with your bedding plants and herbaceous think of your colour scheme, the height and spread of a plant, together with growth rate and note when a flower particularly perenials and shrubs actually flower

Vegetables. Here one could go mad but think seasonally and prepare accordingly – this we will tackle separately on another occasion.

Although it is good to look at catalogues and the internet for inspiration aim to  BUY LOCAL - so when it comes to buying your plants consider your local recommended businesses.
There is Brondesbury Park Garden Centre – opposite Tesco in Cardigan.  They specialise in locally grown specimen perennials and shrubs and have a good selection of alpine plants.  The staff are knowledgeable and helpful.
Penrallt Garden Centre in Moylegrove on the coast just south of St Dogmaels is a fabulous Garden Centre, with a very wide choice of almost anything for the Garden from bedding to trees with everything in between including a wonderful choice of David Austin Roses.  Make it a day out.  Have a walk along the coast, lunch in their Pavillion Café and then shop!
Both Penrallt Garden Centre and Brondesbury have a wide selection of Corms, bulbs and tubers for summer flowers including Lilies, Dahlias, Canna Lilies, and Gladioli
Look out for another Gardening Blog in a couple of weeks meanwhile but feel free to add your own comments, hints and tips.

Happy Gardening!  

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