How to make the most from the door drops
28th October 2010
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You created the special offer, sent over all the details,

thebestof door drops for Cardigan and Teifi Valley and Carmarthenshire are printed and are landing on door mats all through this week. You’ve made the initial investment, how can you maximise your return? Here are my 5 top tips:


1.    Brief your team - sounds obvious but make sure everyone in your company knows about the door drop and the special offer on it, so that if customers ring or visit, everyone can respond confidently and ensure the customer gets the appropriate discount or free gift.

2.    Man the phone - if you have a full time receptionist, it’s no problem but for sole traders, it can be more difficult. Consider asking a friend or relative to answer the phone over the next couple of weeks or at the very least, have a personalised message on your answer phone - why not mention the offer in the door drop? e.g. “those of you ringing about the special offer on xyz, please leave your number and we will get right back to you.”

3.    Have a cross sell/up sell or follow up offer in place - if you have offered a discount off one service, be ready to introduce a complimentary service or product. For instance an electrician may offer a free electrical health check, followed up by a special ‘on the day only’ price for a new fuse box.

4.    Do you have enough business cards/leaflets/catalogues/information packs available? If you’re running low, put in an order right now. Or perhaps this is a good opportunity to update your marketing materials. Ensure that any information is sent out promptly to all enquirers.

5.    Note down customer details and ask where they heard about you - Be on the ball and ask if you can take down details from people who phone or call in. Add them to your database or start a list in an Excel spreadsheet. Most importantly keep track of how many enquiries come from the door drop. The offer may only be on the door drop in which case it is easy to count up the number of vouchers brought in. If the promotion is running elsewhere, be sure to ask customers where they found the promotion.


As with all promotions, follow up is key.

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