How much of an asset are your employees?
11th December 2010
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How attitude surveys can build your business.
Many business owners are fond of quoting that it is their employees that sabotage their business and indeed in many cases this is true but have business owners looked to how employees are trained, treated and encouraged.  Happy Employees means happy customers.

  • Do you know what your employees think of you and your business?
  • Do they feel confident in their role? 
  • Do your employees know what is expected of them? 

Many business owners particularly small to medium businesses get bogged down in the running of the business rather working on the business and indeed checking that their employees are happy and up to the job.

An independant survey would help the business owner know what the employees think about the business.  Joy Arkley of the HR Dept is a very experienced HR consultant and expedites independent surveys

Do read Joy Arkley's article on How employee attitude surveys can build your business here

Make sure as the Business Owner you are not sabotaging your own business by neglecting your employees training, performance and attitude.

To contact Joy call 01239 639 128

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