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10th November 2010
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Five great tips from Sarah and Gethin of Castle Heating & Gas Services

It’s November - the days are drawing in and temperatures are starting to drop. From now until Spring we will all be more reliant upon our central heating systems and therefore more at risk of things going wrong.
Here are our top 5 things you should do now to make sure you get through the coming winter safe and sound.

1) Get your boiler serviced. Every boiler, no matter its age or fuel source, should be serviced each and every year. Firstly this will make sure it is safe : remember Carbon Monoxide, emitted by faulty appliances, can kill. Secondly it will ensure it is operating as efficiently as possible by giving it a good clean and correcting any faults with the system.
2) Get a Frost-Stat fitted to your central heating system. This will automatically switch the heating on if the temperature falls below the level at which pipes could freeze.
3) Fit thermostatic radiator valves so you can control the temperature room by room. You will save energy by not heating unused rooms and by setting the correct temperatures in used rooms.
4) Insulate all pipes, water tanks and external taps to help prevent them freezing – remember you may have pipes hidden in your unheated loft space so check on these too!
5) If you go away during winter it’s best to leave the central heating system on a low setting to prevent freezing- better safe than sorry!
For advice on any of the above, or on any central heating or plumbing matter contact Castle Heating & Gas Services on 01239 639110
Wishing you a safe and warm winter,
Sarah & Gethin

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