Fake Tanning – the Pros and Cons
27th April 2011
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The dangers of long exposure to the sun are well documented so many who would like a tan are turning to the many fake tans on the market.

Top 3 of the frequently asked questions are:
• Will it go streaky or orange?
• Are there side effects
• Why does a product look great on my friend but not on me?

The simple answer is all Fake Tans are different! But it is also how you prepare and apply.

If you use the same one as a friend and your friends looks different it is probably down to the application and your skin type.  Your skin is a living thing, and is affected by many things like: season, food you eat, stress, medication you take and of course how you look after your skin

If your tan is different, even though the solution used was the same, the most probable cause is the condition of your skin.

How to prepare:
exfoliate well before tanning, and  you can start this anything up to a week before.  If you are shaving or waxing before you tan, it has to be done 24 hours before.
All tanning products are different so with some you have to moisturize before and with others there is no need.
While applying the tan always make sure you wear loose fitting dark clothing and avoid nylon and lycra materials as it may stain. Wear gloves when applying the tan, but do not rub it in as it might go patchy.
After you have finished wait until you are completely dry before getting dressed or into bed, leave it 7-9 hours before showering it off, do not take long baths, always pat you skin dry. To make sure the tan lasts longer moisturize every day avoid wearing tight clothing, it will keep it looking fab!!
Fake tans are a much safer way to get a tan and also cheaper.
Tanning beds are not only considered a dangerous way to getting a tan they are more expensive too, a normal bottle of fake tan would cost you anything between £15.00-£20.00, you would probably get 6-7 all over tans out of the bottle where as using a sun bed it can cost anything up to £1.50 a minute and you would probably need to go a good few times a week, and every week. 

Of course you can always get a professional to apply a fake tan for you such as Tina and her staff at Tranquil Moments.  For that special treat call 01239 639 098

Having a tan will always make people feel better, you tend to look healthier and happier.  I’m not sure if there is something in the solution that makes people feel like that but it always does.

So if you are  feeling down or white then get yourself down to a salon and have a fake tan, you will feel better.

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