Does your disability confine you to long periods in bed?
18th June 2012
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Do you have a disability that requires you to spend long periods of time in bed?
Do you need assistance with mobility products?

Mobility Freedom Direct near Cardigan provides a wide range of high quality mobility products to help the less able to lead more independent lives.  If your life or someone you care for has been affected in this way the friendly and experienced staff at Mobility Freedom Direct will take the time to advise you in the products that will enable you to achieve a degree of independence or comfort and against those that don’t.

Profiling beds maybe manually or electrically adjustable enable the user's position to be changed without strain to anyone involved.  The most common profiling beds are three and four part.  Either of these will allow the backrest / pillow area of the bed to be raised, enabling the user to be more upright, while also lifting an area under the knees, to stop the user slipping down in the bed.  A four part bed can be more comfortable, as it keeps the bottom horizontal while raising the knees. Two part beds just have a rising headrest area, while five part profiling beds offer more variability in the head / back support area.
There are considerable advantages to a profiling system:

•      By changing position without manual involvement, the risk of injury to the carer is eliminated, and the independence and dignity of the user are maintained.

•      It may make it possible for someone to get out of bed unaided, if they can raise themselves into a sitting position first.

•      Respiratory and circulatory difficulties can be eased.

•      It makes using a hoist easier.
•     Provides superior comfort and pressure relief
•      Most profiling beds also have a height adjustment, so the carer can work at a safe height when giving treatments, etc.

Mattresses for use on profiling beds should have the same number of sections as the bed. There are foam and sprung versions available. For anyone who has limited mobility and spends a great deal of time in bed, a compatible pressure relief mattress should be chosen.

Mobility Freedom Direct stocks a wide selection of profiling and electric profiling beds.  They come in a variety of widths and design that will fit in your home and blend with your existing furnishings.

Mobility Freedom Direct can offer high quality adjustable beds for the discerning customer from well established manufacturers Rise & Recline. These beds are made to order so please allow 10-14 days from ordering.

For more information or for a brochure call 01239 639 162.

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